Medical fascism in plain sight

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federal register quote 1984

Want to have a real discussion about the dangers of vaccines?
That is not allowed in the United States.
The U.S. Government posted its official stance way back in 1984, stating, “…any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation’s public health objectives.”

So basically, the U.S. Government has said, “We don’t care about the children. We don’t care about dead babies or chronically ill children. We don’t care that there are WELL FOUNDED SAFETY CONCERNS. Our goal is to protect the vaccine program at all costs.”

Brilliant, Mr. DeNiro. Bravo!

little prince only with the heart

It’s only with the heart one can see rightly ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in “The Little Prince”. The movie “Vaxxed” has been pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival.
And I am jubilant with the firestorm this creates. I am forever grateful to Robert DeNiro for taking a stand next to the man who has been – and to this day is being Wakefielded (a badge of honor really in this insane world)! I am thrilled this movie was pulled, as it shows the concerted effort by the establishment desperate to keep things hidden. Make fun of DeNiro all you want. He did make a call. And he didn’t speak Italian. He spoke a universal language of pain and deception for all to see. It took the lid off. He made medical fascism visible for all willing to see. Brilliant Mr. DeNiro. Bravo!

be soft - kurt vonnegut

Powerful reminder.



St. Patrick’s day… how on Earth did it come to be?


As an immigrant, I never understood how this “Irish” Holiday came to be in the US. I have friends who are from Ireland, now living in NY, and they don’t get it either, as it is not celebrated in Ireland in the way it is here.

Meanwhile I Love the green, symbolizing shamrock, or new growth as the plant realm is coming back from hibernation. And of course it is a color of healing, and the heart chakra.

It was joyful to experience the colorful addition of Gay Pride in New York City, giving extra flair to the “St. Patty’s Day” parade. That is until Catholicism reared it’s ugly head once more, putting an all out ban on Gay Pride participants in this parade. Their homophobic doctrine never did prevent the many times its own priests violated young boys with unsolicited homosexual acts. Thankfully this too is out in the open now, as an important step in the direction of healing is to acknowledge this has been going on. On this day it appears the ban has now been lifted.

St. Patrick also represents a sad memory to druids, witches and Irish/Celtic lore. The doctrine the sainted man brought to Ireland, one of the Celtic Nations at the time, was very destructive to their ways of working with the laws of nature, and the ancient wisdom teachings they shared and practiced. Stone circles, and stonehenges are reminders of their powerful magic today, while no one can tell us how these colossal structures were put together.

Though the violent religious battles certainly killed off many Celtic druids and witches, Ireland remains a magical, mystical place.

The word Folklore – folk lore – must come from the Celtics. Thankfully, it – the lore, the teachings of magic in particular – has endured, and still is alive today in the hearts of all who are willing to be who they are in essence: Love.


One can dream awake

One can dream awake…
“HBG: Does it occur to you…
HTG: That we’re both being worked over? It sort of does.
HBG: I mean, how is it that, this year, there are two guys running for President who are opposite extremes, and both of them are talking about bringing jobs back to the US and how we’re being screwed? But they’re opposites. Total extreme opposites.
HTG: It’s like somebody wants to put us at each other’s throats, even though…
HBG: We both have the same problem. Caused by the same damn people.
HTG: The Globalists.
HBG: The fucking Globalists.
HTG: Can you imagine what would happen if all of us, all the Americans who’ve been getting screwed in the same way, losing our jobs, were on the same side?
HBG: We could be a fucking tidal wave.


Use your imagination. Imagine something different. Inspired by recent events I wrote this simple poem this morning. My son just came home. His ELA (english language arts) teacher took the class on a trip. From their very seats, they meditated. 10 minutes. For the first time.

We have all the lovers and the haters to thank for this. Considering hate is only blocked Love, I trust there are way more Lovers than haters. It all starts at home.

R I S E   I N   L O V E

Some thrive on hate
Stop taking the bait
As below so above
People rise in Love
As within so without
Love and laugh aloud


Fascism: are you on board yet?

Try and find a real article on Trump, or a YouTube of an interview in which he shares his POV for that matter, without it being all scrambled up and repeating the same stupid soundbites. Everything seems to be buried.

Not that I’ve ever been a big fan. My curiosity has been sparked ever since I’ve seen the concerted effort by all media to paint Trump as the only fascist to enter the presidential race. I adore the people who are on board with rooting out fascism, and yet, there has to be more to it. More then meets the eye. What about the polished politicians who are for hire to implement bit by bit, the most obscure fascist agenda we have seen here in the US and globally? What is going on behind the scenes?

Whenever I question hype or crisis, I can always count on Jon Rappoport. A voice of reason on the increasingly insane political satire currently sweeping all media everywhere. His sense of humor may be a bit abrasive to some, but I find it, for a guy as sensitive as he really is, quite appropriate under the circumstances. This article certainly sheds light on what is currently going on.

fascism meme

Image Source: Nesho

Dolphin Call

This poem was inspired by the video I saw on the dolphins beaching themselves in Brazil. It was heart breaking and at the same time heart expanding to watch. The dolphins seem to be saying, “our job is done here”. We human beings have such a kinship with them. Evolution continues. Hard to let go. It’s time we remember who we are. We are the ones.
Image source:
D O L P H I N   C A L L
Dazzling Dolphins
Neptune’s Ambassadors
Midwives of Gaia
Activate, Activate, Activate
Descending Now Ancestors
Grounding, Grounding, Grounding
Integrate, Integrate, Integrate
Divinity Now Ascending
Love is In the Earth
Heaven within Reach
Within Reach

Into and Out of the Field


Image Source: (Owl Whimsical Collage by Amy Carruth Drum)

On Sunday I visited one of my favorite stores in the area, the Masonville General Store and Crescent Wrench Cafe

Graceous owner Kindall always has a kind word for shoppers, buyers and wanderers on their way in and out, up and down state.

Over a Guayusa tea in a cup of one of her grandmother’s sets, the conversation turned to how nature provides everything if we allow it.

I explained to Kindall how in the seemingly cruel cat-and-mouse game, the mouse releases hormones that are equivalent to shots of morphine. If you have ever seen cats and mice at their game, you can eventually see the mouse “playing dead” then speed off, and eventually just tripping. This is nature’s way of ensuring the mouse won’t have to suffer through an agonizing death when in fact it’s fate is sealed, and before the cat is ready for the kill. Both animals are aware of the continuation of the life force, even after it leaves one body and feeds another.

If only we took the time to explore this more, have reverence for all life forms, including plants that btw also are intelligent, communicate, bleed, and pass on their life force into our bodies when we eat, smell, drink or otherwise ingest them. If only we explored this more, much suffering could be prevented.

This chat prompted Kindell to share this poem. Thank you, Kindell ♡ It hits home on so many levels!

“White Owl Flies Into and Out of the Field”

Coming down out of the freezing sky
with its depths of light,
like an angel, or a Buddha with wings,
it was beautiful, and accurate,
striking the snow and whatever was there
with a force that left the imprint
of the tips of its wings — five feet apart —
and the grabbing thrust of its feet,
and the indentation of what had been running
through the white valleys of the snow —
and then it rose, gracefully,
and flew back to the frozen marshes
to lurk there, like a little lighthouse,
in the blue shadows —
so I thought:
maybe death isn’t darkness, after all,
but so much light wrapping itself around us —
as soft as feathers —
that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking,
and shut our eyes, not without amazement,
and let ourselves be carried,
as through the translucence of mica,
to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow,
that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light —
in which we are washed and washed
out of our bones.


In Love & Service,


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