St. Patrick’s day… how on Earth did it come to be?


As an immigrant, I never understood how this “Irish” Holiday came to be in the US. I have friends who are from Ireland, now living in NY, and they don’t get it either, as it is not celebrated in Ireland in the way it is here.

Meanwhile I Love the green, symbolizing shamrock, or new growth as the plant realm is coming back from hibernation. And of course it is a color of healing, and the heart chakra.

It was joyful to experience the colorful addition of Gay Pride in New York City, giving extra flair to the “St. Patty’s Day” parade. That is until Catholicism reared it’s ugly head once more, putting an all out ban on Gay Pride participants in this parade. Their homophobic doctrine never did prevent the many times its own priests violated young boys with unsolicited homosexual acts. Thankfully this too is out in the open now, as an important step in the direction of healing is to acknowledge this has been going on. On this day it appears the ban has now been lifted.

St. Patrick also represents a sad memory to druids, witches and Irish/Celtic lore. The doctrine the sainted man brought to Ireland, one of the Celtic Nations at the time, was very destructive to their ways of working with the laws of nature, and the ancient wisdom teachings they shared and practiced. Stone circles, and stonehenges are reminders of their powerful magic today, while no one can tell us how these colossal structures were put together.

Though the violent religious battles certainly killed off many Celtic druids and witches, Ireland remains a magical, mystical place.

The word Folklore – folk lore – must come from the Celtics. Thankfully, it – the lore, the teachings of magic in particular – has endured, and still is alive today in the hearts of all who are willing to be who they are in essence: Love.



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