Fascism: are you on board yet?

Try and find a real article on Trump, or a YouTube of an interview in which he shares his POV for that matter, without it being all scrambled up and repeating the same stupid soundbites. Everything seems to be buried.

Not that I’ve ever been a big fan. My curiosity has been sparked ever since I’ve seen the concerted effort by all media to paint Trump as the only fascist to enter the presidential race. I adore the people who are on board with rooting out fascism, and yet, there has to be more to it. More then meets the eye. What about the polished politicians who are for hire to implement bit by bit, the most obscure fascist agenda we have seen here in the US and globally? What is going on behind the scenes?

Whenever I question hype or crisis, I can always count on Jon Rappoport. A voice of reason on the increasingly insane political satire currently sweeping all media everywhere. His sense of humor may be a bit abrasive to some, but I find it, for a guy as sensitive as he really is, quite appropriate under the circumstances. This article certainly sheds light on what is currently going on.

fascism meme

Image Source: Nesho


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