Powerful Time: Solstice & New Moon Celebration

Happy Solstice – which ever hemisphere you are on! Let’s celebrate this new moon together. This coming moon cycle is ushering in yet another new year. A very powerful time to get your whole self on board, and find yourself fully supported to set intentions. Forget resolutions, go straight to intentions and turn your life into gold. Write you intentions on a piece of paper, and leave it in a place where it receives moon light from the coming moon phases. After the full moon has come to completion, enjoy the gifts of your creation that as you now see have already come to fruition.

life making

Next, put the written intentions for the year in a special place, and come back to it at next year’s solstice new moon. Again, enjoy reviewing what you have created. Love & thanks to ALL who provide Loving support & inspiration on this wild and wonderful ride!



Caught off guard in inner view

It is done! Two interviews – or rather inner view podcasts are ready and at your disposal. The lovely, Angelic Esme Seraifiel found a way to completely catch me off guard in conversation. Esme is known to provide inner views of light workers around the globe for the Core Intention Network, to inspire listeners on their path.

Got time? Dig in. Enjoy.

Another way to enjoy these podcasts is to catch a snippet here and there and come back to it till you’ve either had enough or got what you were looking for. When you have a chance and are so inclined, do listen to more of my colleagues on their path as Esme has us all featured on her blog: The Vision and The Voice

Have fun, I sure did, in conversation with Esme!

Here they are:

Nell Tomassen Reboh Part 1

Nell Part 2

Part 1 is about what triggered me on this path, being a rebel at school and in the corporate sector, my brother’s passing, how E-lxr came to be and what I do besides individual sessions.

Part 2 is about the StarGate workshop with John Armitage, about Group Astral Travel events, the Mahatma of Africa Project and more about what goes into the making of an elixir.

Love and thanks go out to Esme, and to everyone on my path!

perspective body image

Who is Archangel Uriel


Since early childhood I have memories of being in communication with Uriel, the Archangel. I have always enjoyed working with Uriel, because the energy is so very subtle, it would be impossible for an imposter Uriel to show up without getting noticed. Uriel simply puts those who ask in touch with their Divine Self, and when you ask a question, simply reminds you that the answer is within you.

For my personal development it was essential that I completely immersed into physical existence during this lifetime, for a while blocking out all experiences and connection with Divine Source, spending quite a few years resonating with atheism.

In the early 90s I found myself back in communication with Uriel, and other Archangels and Masters of Light. The information I received from them was carefully filed away or kept to myself, as I had no idea how to share it or who to share it with, until another ten years went by. Then I had an experience I no longer could ignore. In a big yet very subtle way, these beings presented as my kin so that I could only see them as aspects of my very own Divine Light Being, just as intended.

During that experience, I witnessed Sanat Kumara and Kuthumi silently supporting a partnership with Uriel who stepped forward with Raphael as part of a greater team. Uriel did not speak, and instead let Raphael communicate a few words to reestablish our connection. Raphael encouraged me to call on Uriel, and allow Uriel to further call on fellow Archangels, Pleiades and other Light Beings to support the work I was about to co-create with this team. Though I had no idea what this work entailed, and all Uriel would ever do was remind me that I had the answers within, I resigned to further developing my intuition. Through this unique partnership a Ministry of Light began to form eventually, in order to serve and help sustain humanity and our Mother Earth as together we were (still are) going through rapid changes, to expand consciousness. This Ministry of Light grew into E-l’xr (Eternal Love eXemplified Resonance), developing a line of gem elixirs to help support all life forms on our planet on the path of Ascension.

A great article on who Uriel is can be found here.  Use discernment. Take what resonates.