Letter to snopes.com

open-doorDear Barbara and David Mikkelson,

Thanks for reporting on this story.
Somehow you managed to only look to mainstream media outlets for confirmation. Educated consumers of conventional medicine do know who owns this media. Why don’t you also look at alternative media outlets that do feature award winning journalists who have reported for both mainstream and alternative media. Jon Rappoport is one of these people, and you were quick to call his reporting false.
Here is another such report, by Celia Farber: http://truthbarrier.com/2014/08/23/cnn-complicit-in-media-coverup-of-cdc-whistleblower/
Is it because alternative media sources have reported your site as biased that you refuse to include their point of view in your reports? Is it because of your sponsors that you ignore the dying breed of investigative journalists? Do you have any idea what crimes you are now complicit in covering up? Do you have any idea what suffering this kind of behavior has caused? How does it feel to collaborate in deceiving fellow human beings?

Now before you think “another anti-vaxer”, let me clarify: this is about vaccine safety. I happen to think the whole of humanity will benefit more by insisting on ensuring safety standards in vaccine research and administration. And I’m not the only one. I am in the company of an ever growing group of many concerned parents, free and alternative thinkers, and health care professionals, including nurses, medical doctors and scientists, who are only more encouraged to continue to open new doors after so many have been shut in our faces.

Those who are on the fence about vaccinations will not hesitate to continue to search after viewing your site. It’s for the people who look to mainstream media, their government and conventional medicine as infallible sources of information, and for those who have been trained to continue to turn a blind eye to what is clearly going on that I am writing you. Their lives and that of their children are at stake here, while the CDC is observed to act as a fox guarding the hen house. Perhaps all of this is in vain, but at least I will have a clear conscience.


Nell Reboh

Instant reply from Snopes.com:
You wanted what?
I can’t find the page you are looking for.
It was probably about something really interesting, but the URL you entered doesn’t point to anything on this site. Might I recommend you try the search engine on http://www.snopes.com/search to help you locate the item you want.
You really should try it.
I have lots of great stories to tell you about vanishing hitchhikers
and bloody hooks
and exploding whales
and glurge
and gun-toting grannies
and hairy-armed hitchhikers
and murdered roommates._”

Ah, yes. That explains it. This entire communication was in vain. On the upside, now we can  see what Barbara and David Mikkelson of snopes.com are about. This couple is clearly not interested in concerned human beings, or the lives of our most vulnerable ones. They do enjoy sharing stories – fabricated ones – occasionally passing them off as truth, and other times, when it doesn’t threaten their livelihood, as false.