Honoring Fire

Sekhmet, a lion headed Egyptian Goddess, was seen as a fierce protector of the Pharaohs. A solar diety,  associated with fire and the midday sun, Her name means the Powerful. As both the bringer of disease and the provider of cures, She was considered both a Healer and Warrior Goddess.

The aspect of Sekhmet is present in each of us. When we can see ourselves as co-creators of dis-ease and the limiting thought patterns that go along with it, we certainly can also co-create complete healing. It requires deep intro-spection and self-reflection. Re-charging by taking in the Light and the Love present in the rays of the nurturing sun. And cleansing – with much compassionate love, respect, honor and discernment – by feeding the fire within to destroy only that which is worthy of destruction. Everything we do, no matter who we think we are doing it to – remember – we ultimately do it to ourselves. What we put out, returns to us. The process of honoring and feeding our inner fire allows for new growth and development of something nearer to the heart’s desire.

Fire is associated with the direction of the South, the Sun, Summer, warmth, white, yellow and hues of gold, orange and red, truth, courage and action, and ultimately transformation.

Blessed be the fire in each of us. May each of us use this resource with unconditional love and respect, with honor and discernment.



Image from http://www.paintermagazine.co.uk/show_image.php?imageID=21207



  1. nedda · August 27, 2011

    Hi, Nell,

    Have you read the book about the white lions of Timbavati? That’s what your woman/lion image reminds me of. It’s about the shamanic power of lions and how they brought high levels of consciousness to the Earth a long time ago. You can check it out on amazon.


  2. elxroflife · September 12, 2011

    Hi Nedda,

    Just finally found your response that somehow ended up being misplaced in a spam folder. Thank you so much for sending it. No I haven’t read the book, but it does sound to be a very worthwhile read.


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