An excellent MTFHR reference guide

The more we run into people with vaccine injuries, and/or autoimmune related dis-eases, the more can be learned about MTHFR mutations, and how these genetic mutations can affect health and fertility.

Recently I was fortunate enough to run into Katie, a fellow doula who has a blog called Wellness Mama. I am so glad I did!

For all who wish to learn more about MTHFR, MTHFR variations, how to test for it, and how to live well with it. Are you, or someone you Love affected by such mutation(s)?

This article will help!


Exemption rights letter to NY Senator

In response to Senator Carl Marcellino’s request for input on “there ought to be a law that”:

Protects the right to claim religious exemptions from vaccine mandates, based on sincerely held personal religious beliefs

Protects the right to claim exemption from vaccination based on sincerely held personal beliefs, including conscientious objection

Protects the right to an education for all NY State residents who are exempt from vaccination

Protects the right to remain employed in healthcare, education and anywhere else for all NY State residents who are exempt from vaccination

Dear Senator,

Thank you for taking the time to read the reasons why such protections are essential for the sake of all concerned.

Thankfully our religious exemption rights to date have always been honored for my family. As responsible citizens, we keep our children home when temporarily unwell, to avoid spreading illness. We provide proper nutrition, hygiene, and everything possible to keep our children healthy. It is my experience that parents who refuse vaccines for their children all go the extra mile to keep their children healthy.

That said, I have friends who were denied their right to religious exemption in their school district or harassed to defend their sincerely held, personal, religious beliefs. Here in our beautiful state of New York, where collectively we have banned fracking! I cannot help but note the similarities between protecting our precious water and the blood of our offspring from toxic injections. Personally I consider the blood of my children as sacred as the waters of our sacred Mother Earth, as part of the Divine Seed Blueprint of Creation. I have vowed to protect their integrity for as long as a have the honor to do so. I dare say I am far from alone in this, why else are exemption rights so often under review?

Parental exemption rights are under attack especially in districts where the administration is biased toward what is commonly shared about vaccines by bought media and bought government officials, while legally vaccines have already been declared unavoidably unsafe. When I say bought, I mean bribed or threatened. Sharyl Atkisson, investigative journalist, has reported on this practice at length.

There are doctors and scientists who can clearly point out that unvaccinated pose no additional risk to public health. If you are interested I am happy to send you links to transcripts of a court case in the UK, where a physician’s license was under review for making such statements in court. She then had to defend her statements, and did so effectively, using peer reviewed references to scientific evidence. She unequivocally won the right to maintain her license, and today remains vocal about this fact.

It is apparent that the vaccine lobby is aggressively attacking exemption rights on a global scale, using bribes and scare tactics. This is to the detriment of too many children who are harmed by too many, fast tracked experimental vaccines.

We are still awaiting a hearing on CDC fraud as requested by representative Bill Posey before the US Congress, involving the destruction of hundreds of pages of evidence of a subset of children at increased risk for autism by vaccines. As a result, every day harm is done to children by vaccines, which could simply be avoided by offering these children exemptions. CDC scientist William Thompson has come forward sharing this evidence, and has since been gag ordered awaiting this hearing for several years now.

How can those who care about the health of generations of children allow this to happen?

With all my heart I am calling on you to consider the importance of autonomy in health care, especially now in an environment where the Nuremberg Code of Ethics, and informed consent, is of essence, while too often ignored.

I urge you to be one of our brave politicians, who will continue to stand up for autonomy in health care, to uphold the essence of ethics in medicine, and to root out the recurring trend of medical fascism.

With all my heart I thank you for your care and consideration in this important matter.


Nell Tomassen Reboh
Concerned Mother
Ordained Minister
New Paradigm MDT Practitioner


To every parent and caregiver: on public health concerns and freedom of thought


The Truth About Vaccines documentary (TTAV), episode 7, it dawned on me again why it is vital to share this with everyone. It up to each individual to discern what you do with this information, I just think there is a need for me to be of service in this way.
It may be challenging for some to read and hear testimonials from parents, medical professionals and others in the healthcare industry, yet remember we are consumers. As such we need to be able to have a choice in what we are buying, and how much we are willing to pay for it. The lives of my firstborn, or any of my consecutive children I have vowed to sustain and protect until they themselves have grown to manage this task for themselves, with all that I am, and all that I have.
I am also unwilling to negotiate the life of anyone else’s child, as a mother who is fully informed, and fully present to the challenges we face with the entire species of our human family.
In the end it is us, the parents who deal with the consequences of our choices (coerced or not), thanks to this situation.

It is often said that money talks, and bullshit walks, except when government agencies, healthcare industry, education, and media are inundated with corporate lobbyists, an awful lot of BS is excessively broadcasted. Now we are faced with not only heavily coerced and sponsored bullshit, we are dealing with psychopaths running the show. And the show must go on, no matter the cost, even at the expense of the human genome, even at the expense of relationships between members of our human family. The death toll continues to rise, as people are at each other’s throats, flinging their nightmares at each other, without coming to a complete understanding. Fear of dis-ease continues to destroy lives, and line very deep pockets, which keep going to great lengths to perpetuate the illusion that vaccines save lives. All common sense has gone out the window. Now vaccines supposedly can only “save” lives when everyone is vaccinated (which to date has never happened, and likely never will), even though the manufacturer’s inserts say something entirely different. Read any one under “vaccine preventable diseases”, listed on this site.
Pay attention to the article (usually #13.1) : Carcinogenic, mutagenic effects and fertility. It goes on to tell you that … (name of) vaccine has not been tested for carcinogenic (cancer forming) or mutagenic effects (genetic mutations, known to send the immune system into fight or flight mode, also cancerforming), and no studies were done to test the effects on fertility (in most cases, on a rare occasion there is a brief fertility study on rats). There is also an impressive list of ingredients in the multiple vaccines the CDC recommends, as inserts reveal, and it is worth anyone’s time to look up the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet on each one).


Let’s continue the focus on that article 13 for now.
Childhood cancer continues to be on the rise, and instead of the usual “it’s not the vaccines”, (how can anyone say that with certainty, given what the inserts convey?) we can say it can be any number of things, including vaccines.
An honest doctor will reveal that the extent of their studies in immunology involved learning the CDC recommended “immunization” schedule, and that they were taught to blindly trust them. The less he/she knows about it, the better, how else can they continue to practice in good conscience? A doctor who bullies parents into compliance is pressured and bribed by insurance companies. So it’s easier on them to send non-compliant parents away, not to be reminded there could be another way, now that eczema, asthma, recurring ear infections, allergies, chronic rashes, ADHD/ADD, ODD, OCD, ASD, diabetes, night terrors, excessive crying or sleeping, and early onset menopause in teenage girls, are all considered “normal development”.
To those who have been fired by their doctors, congratulations! You are now free to enter a new paradigm that better suits your changing perspective. There are real doctors and other healthcare providers who will listen and share your growing concern.

Quite a few are featured in this episode of TTAV, and certainly you will find someone in your area, who is willing to assist you in moving from sick care to healthcare.
In this episode you hear pediatricians share different POVs on vaccination. My kids’ pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevski is featured, as are the co-authors of “The vaccine friendly plan”, Paul Thomas, MD and Jennifer Margulis, PhD, who recognize 70+ doses of way too many vaccines from age 0-18 creates the sickest generation of children ever seen in any “developed” country. So they suggest a delayed schedule, and omit certain vaccines completely. Dr. Larry on the other hand doesn’t mince words on the dangers of vaccination, and his experience in promoting health in children without pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who was denied access in Australia, home of the Murdock empire of businesses, talks about what is coming down the pike in terms of what pharmaceutical lobbyists are planning globally in eliminating health freedom. Think for a moment,  people. Why were Australian authorities so afraid to let a doctor of osteopathy share her knowledge? Free speech, and consequently free thought in Australia is now considered a potential “public health threat”. One can only wonder how, given the many testimonials from the people who have received Dr. Tenpenny’s services.

TTAV in this episode also touches on the subject of homeoprophilaxis (a homeopathic version of vaccination without side effects) via nosodes: an energetic signature of an illness, that can prime the immune system to recognize these patterns of dis-ease and trigger an appropriate response so that a visit from this type of illness is very short lived, with or without symptoms.
What was not shared, and is important to know:
Nosodes only work when a particular illness is prevalent, For example ocsillococcinum is the nosode used when flu is going around or at first symptom (sore throat). A few days in it does nothing, so you must have it on hand and use it either at onset or when someone in your immediate environment has it. Then it really does work! Well known in (w)holistic families.
So to use it instead of vaccines, and to satisfy school mandates is a long shot.
You would need an MD that fills in the vax form for your child(ren). I once tried with an anthroposophic MD in Chestnut Ridge who is part of a Waldorf School community. At the time he told me no, because he did not think it was in integrity to misuse homeopathic remedies (he explained nosodes only work as described above), and to basically lie and pretend the listed vaccines were given.
An easier way, for discerning parents who choose to opt out of vaccination, is to claim religious, philosophical or medical exemption, (PM me for more info) and to order the nosodes, also known as homeoprophilaxis, to have on hand for when you know something is going around.
More info here.
Educated parents are willing to protect their own children and yours. When my kids are “under the weather” I keep them home until they are better. Now how’s that for a sound bite?
Still here? Thank you! I appreciate your impressive attention span, and even more your willingness to listen! I am always willing to listen to you, even if your POV differs from mine. I will not judge you, or try to convert you. All I ask is that you extend the same courtesy to me.

To the collective ego running amok on our planet

And to whomever else it concerns and may serve. Notice the trend everywhere lately? How far are we going to allow the nazi agenda to infiltrate the human psyche? Are we, each of us, willing to address the inner nazi? The one that wants to shut up those who don’t subscribe to your preferred group think? This whole “freedom isn’t free”, or “freedom is hard” isn’t necessarily true.

Today I watched a lifestream video of Someone making sense. Mostly at least. Then I came across this. I wrote it eight years ago. May it continue the ripple effect to #EndFascismNow #RiseUp #LoveAllServeAll





Weasel medicine

Sign of the times: too many weasels in government everywhere. Yet, weasel totem as a teacher is powerful medicine indeed.   
“Someone may be using covert tactics to Weasel into the hen house… Perhaps you may be lying to yourself about something you know to be true. This can be a lie on any level, for instance, storming the refrigerator at 3:00am and telling yourself no one will miss the half-eaten portion of the pie. If you scratch someone else’s automobile in a parking lot, leave a note. Don’t slink away just because you can. Honesty to self and others is of the utmost importance.”

“Weasel upright observes all actions, feelings and situations with keen senses. In the contrary, those abilities of observation are dulled until confusion sets in. When you don’t know how you feel or what is occurring around you, doubt becomes the barrier to your progress. Then you may find a bit of paranoia seeping into your life.
If you want to right the situation, start by shaking the dullness out of your head and observing the obvious. No one can fool you if you watch your step, honor your knowing, seek the “hidden reasons,” and use discretion in the process.”


Retrograde reflections 

Mercury retrograde won’t fight back when we stop battling it. It is inviting us to reflect on our inner realms, to examine how our inner world affects the outer, and how we allow the outer world to affect our inner realms. It’s an excellent time for contemplation, especially in the areas of communication, and the quality of our thoughts 💚

Lots of retrograde activity currently taking place in our galaxy. Check it out.

Happy Earth Day, and consider making every day Earth Day 💙

Trigger the Love, and be gentle 💜

Retrograde reflections 

Mercury retrograde won’t fight back when you stop battling it. It is inviting us to reflect on our inner realms, to examine how our inner world affects the outer, and how we allow the outer world to affect our inner realms. It’s an excellent time for contemplation, especially in the areas of communication, and the quality of our thoughts 💚

Lots of retrograde activity currently taking place in our galaxy. Check it out.

Happy Earth Day, and consider making every day Earth Day 💙

Trigger the Love, and be gentle 💜

When the shift happens??? It’s happening now!

As an ascension and transformation coach, birth and rebirth doula I often hear the phrase: “when the shift happens…”

When the shift happens? It is happening now on a grand scale. Unless you are a master alchemist, transitions are anything but easy, and they are happening. So many falsehoods are being exposed when you know where to look. Unsustainable systems clearly are in self destruct mode. Anyone who has ever given birth naturally, knows that the point of transition is the most challenging. It is when most child baring women feel defeated, wanting to throw in the towel, and are at their breaking point, as they know there is no back peddling from here. This is when the birth canal is finally at full dilation. It is just before the ring of fire, and the crowning (usually the baby’s head emerges, the fontanelles pressed together like a giant, sometimes hairy prune). This is where we are now, rebirthing our Divine selves along with our Divine Mother Earth. Things are heating up, coming to a head, and new ways of being are birthed into reality now.

Generous lubrication is a gentle way of avoiding unnecessary and violent intervention. In actual physical birth olive oil is excellent for this purpose. Pure extra virgin olive oil too is clearly a form of Love dreamed into being.
What is most needed in every birth and rebirth, is to give and receive Love-ing support. To trust in our natural abilities. Lend or request a compassionate ear, encouragement to be gentle on ourselves, and via the breath keep our focus inward on that still, small, yet powerful, Divine voice within, while simultaneously keeping our focus on obvious signs of this great change we are collectively allowing to take place. It’s in our DNA, coined by John Trudell “Descendant Now Ancestor“. It powers every atom and subatom in every cell, prompts memory in our bones, connective tissue, every muscle and every breath.

As active co-creators, we don’t have to wait around for some ill advised and compromised, exhausted president to come to any realization, or for any doctor to give us authorization to allow or push forth the life force, which is our birth right. From the Divine Source of our being, known as benevolent, specific frequencies of Love without condition, we can trigger activation of these frequencies on all levels of being, in all actions and non-actions. These frequencies are available to all who allow it, dormant until they are activated, all in accordance with Divine Will.
When we align our thoughts and body thoughts (e-motion) with all of this, in complete surrender to who we are in essence, we are capable of birthing anything into being, in every now moment.

And suddenly the pressure subsides, and the miracle of new life emerges, both vulnerable and resilient. In our arms, on our bosoms and bellies rest our dreams manifest, now in physical form. To be Love(d), and nurtured into bringing forth new life, and new dreams manifest. In this new reality it is noteworthy to mention that the sooner we surrender to who we are in essence, the less challenging it is to move, and allow ourselves to jump through these shifts.

What dreams are you willing to bring to fruition now?

“Proud” vagina monologues at Women’s March 

Way to marginalize everything around already bickering men, women, and transgender peeps in America. Get people arguing about what is appropriate.

Marginalized is another overused loaded word these days. People are amazing.

Lots to learn for and from women. A vagina, or yoni isn’t necessarily proud. Yoni is sacred, resilient, vulnerable, yet powerful. At least that’s how I see it. As a doula I have seen quite a few, and yet that does not make me the expert. Let’s leave it in the eye of the beholder.

As for women bashing each other over their political ideologies, I am not a fan.

The Women’s March was about much more than vaginas or ideologies. I watched on live stream and heard many inspired women speak eloquently on a variety of subjects.
I heard women whose black sons were murdered by cops who shot first before asking questions.
I heard how rich African Americans are in Spirit and the Love they have for humanity, even though they have for many generations been exploited. They understand the exploitation has now widened to include pretty much the entire human race.
The Lakota Sioux women were very present too. They spoke eloquently over Standing Rock, Flint, and other locations in the US where water resources are under attack to be exploited as commodities. They were supported by their men, and many other men and women. Their chanted prayers were real, they are fearless, and they were heard.
A Muslim American woman spoke about what life has been like post 9-11 for her community. She was heard.
Same for a very spirited Jewish female Rabbi.
They shared a stage and took turns speaking, singing, drumming, chanting, and listening.

In those shared moments it didn’t seem to matter to them who was playing president. They knew whoever it was, and whoever it is now, is representing their particular brand of corporate sponsors, before any member of society.




Women’s March – Standing firmly grounded in Love

So today was a big day of movement for women and other “marginalized” peoples within America’s borders, documented or not.

I watched on live stream what went on in Washington DC (and pretty much every town in America), celebrating diversity, and being a woman in Spirit. I didn’t feel called to go, even though I was invited. And I do appreciate all who did show up to be present within the movement.

Call me whatever name comes to mind, as a woman, I wasn’t sure what the Women’s March was about. I am glad to see it is about different things, for different people. I am glad to see that for many women, and men who came out in droves too to support them, this goes well beyond who is playing president in the White House. They have felt excluded from “liberty and justice” for a long time. Some post 9-11, and others, especially Native Americans, and African Americans, much longer.

It was beautiful to see many African Americans stand and sing together. So obviously rich in Spirit, their voices strong and deep and beautiful.

I smiled and cried along with the women, and men and children, who stood together as One: Muslims, Jews, Native Americans, black, brown, red, yellow, white, and and on fire! Standing up for freedom in reproductive health, saying no to dehumanization, tyranny, and racism, and celebrating diversity. Ready to take on any and all predatory, oppressive energies and transform them.

Today I listened to many women of different creed and color, transgender too, the majority all rich in Spirit. Their voices diverse, some melodic, some shrill, some out of breath, all worth listening to. I learned so much just listening.

I am glad I stayed home to see that democracy isn’t dead. It’s been a long time coming, and it is here. I hadn’t seen true democracy in America yet. How could so few political parties, only two “established” represent so many different voices?

The take-aways from today’s movement:

The strongest, most powerful voices came from women able to reach, look and listen deep within, before reaching out.

The rise of consciousness comes with the release and transmutation of ego. In order to truly be able to listen, it is essential to look past ego, victim hood, ideology, and judgment, and meet the observed with compassion. It’s always possible to discern what resonates, and what doesn’t, still respecting where your fellow human being comes from. If you don’t have that respect, you haven’t looked past the ego.

Today I saw women who get this:

As for the ego. Give it the job it was meant to do. Take care of survival essentials. If it isn’t life threatening, tell it to back off.

If the “other person” isn’t able to look past ego, you don’t have to engage. And you can still have compassion for those who have so much, but never experienced true Love. Poor in Spirit.

Harmony isn’t just one voice. It is many individual voices in unison.

No matter who plays the role of POTUS, (or any other person of so called authority) preside over your own power.

Stand firmly grounded in the power of Love. Whatever comes, you have the power to discern what to accept, what to discard, what to share, and what to give up to the highest power for transmutation. This power doesn’t reside in the White House. It isn’t some guy in the sky. It comes from the Cosmic Heart of Creation. It is called many different names. Mother Father Source. Or Mother Father God. Prime Creator. Allah. Hashem. Adonai. Love. When you are able to observe the still small frequency of this voice within, you are in touch with this power, also known as I AM Presence. Your sovereign super power by birth right, deeply grounded in the Heart of Mother Earth. The more deeply we are grounded, the Higher and greater our reach.

And so we rise. Together. As individuals, and as One.

From this place I keep sending Love without condition, to all who are willing to welcome and receive it.

Indeed this is only the beginning. And we are in it together. What a ride!