A teaching of pause and … shingles

The vagaries of everywhere
meet in a blue wander,
a teaching of pause
and twinkle.

©Laura Sorrells 2012

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Recently I came “down” with a case of shingles. Thanks to the varicella vaccine we now get more outbreaks of shingles. Anyway, no fun, but when looking at the rash erupting into blisters on my belly I did not panic. I did see perfect, beautiful skin underneath. It may be a first for some of you to read about this, but it came naturally for me to thank my body elemental* for its excellent job in providing protection, and working with my vision on transforming the affected skin . I also thanked my body elemental* for helping my body release toxins through the virus. That is the purpose of a virus. It provides the body with opportunities to eliminate toxins, and to give the immune system a boost.

Physical life on earth today comes with the territory of  contacting  toxins on every level, whether environmental, physical, emotional or mental. Occasionally we need cleansing. I ignored an intuitive message to do a juice cleanse and take some rest. The busy body in me just thought: “Later, I have to do this, that and the other first”. Hence the shingles. Now I was forced to take a breather to recover. Intuitively I gravitate toward nature and natural remedies, so I found ways to do a nutritional intervention (cut out all sugars including fructose and lactose, as well as wheat and other high gluten grains, eating whole, clean, as organic as possible foods), took high doses of Vitamin C, an elixir (vibrational remedy) to support the process, and used coconut oil on the rash. The oil immediately relieved the stinging and itching. If you google “coconut oil benefits” you’ll be surprised what an amazing nutrient and beauty treatment it is.

The elixir helped me go deeper and have a look at what other stresses in my life caused my immune system to need a boost. It took three days before symptoms subsided. And another seven days, every day of which I marveled at the miracle of the human body and its resilience, before my belly looked like mine again. Never lost sight of the vision of that beautiful skin underneath as I witnessed the process of transformation. And the stress factors? I found ways to eliminate most of them, as they were my creation to begin with.

*Body Elemental

     When talking about nature spirits we always look around in nature. But you have one right inside your body! It is called the ‘body elemental’ and is actually situated within your etheric body. The function of this body elemental is to first build the form of your body, through the process of conception and gestation, help it grow and mature. They stay with a person until the life expectancy of the individual terminates. The body elemental is a highly developed spirit being of the earth element.

     The body elemental is responsible for the well-being of your body. It manipulates the energies from nature and from our higher bodies to make them suitable for the etheric, and therefore the physical body, in this way keeping the energy levels up for every cell and organ in the body. This helps your body to function properly in the physical realm in your everyday life so that you may fulfill a greater life purpose in the outer world. Therefore the body elemental is instrumental in aiding in any   self-healing process. It knows the blueprint of your atomic/molecular structure right down to the DNA/RNA cellular level because the Body Elemental helped create your very physical body as a house for the soul. It knows exactly where the trauma and the memories have been stored and holds the roadmap to pinpoint the locations that contain the problems. It is able to retrieve the information and release the ‘know-how’ of how to best facilitate self healing or healing for others.

     The body elemental can be contacted by meditation, or in a healing session, to help with the healing process and in keeping the body healthy. As with all elementals, or nature spirits, you have to approach your body elemental with respect. Do not expect it to do all the work, you have a big part to play in keeping yourself healthy by what you eat and drink, and by your life style.

     Apparently, the body elemental sits in a place between the solar plexus and heart chakras, connecting the soul and body to the divine mind elemental which sits above.

(Body elemental as described in “Devas or Nature Spirits” at http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/devas.htm#Body%20Elemental)

Standing on the Earth, Breathing

Thanks to David Beal from the Power Brain Training Center, Syosset, NY,  who sent me this video that simply moved me to tears.

Imagine this, being happy and fulfilled with the blessing of being able to walk with your feet flat on the Earth. And breathing.

Life Particle Network: Chieko Yahata

“What I felt was all of your love, just that. So my heart is so full of joy, and peace.  Ah, so this is love. I am happy, so happy”. – Chieko Yahata

Happiness becomes an attainable goal when we keep it simple, giving up limitations. When we do this, anything is possible.




Hardest Time – Greatest Honor

This is the hardest time to live, but it is also the greatest honor to be alive… now, and to be allowed to see this time. There is no other time like now. We can be thankful, for creation did not make weak spirits to live during this time. The old ones say ‘this is the time when the strongest spirits will live through and those who are empty shells, those who have lost the connection will not survive.’ We have become masters of survival -we will survive- it is our prophecy to do so.”

“Humanity is shifting from living “on” the earth, to living with her.”

– Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Easter Moon Message

Today I received from within my Shamballa group a most beautiful message and along with it energies that resonate completely. It all matches the theme I have chosen for this year.

Sharing it with all who are open to receive, if this resonates.

Beautiful Easter Moon pic taken last night, full of unconditional love and acceptance of feminine self in all of us, the moon reminds us to create the life we want through letting go old beliefs and creating positive ones, I have included healing energy within the pic, feel free to absorb 🙂 – Carol Anne



Who are you?

 Today is a very appropriate day to post this, as it is the birthday of one of my very favorite uncles. He passed on New Year’s Eve, and according to his own prediction did not live to see 2012. Too young according to most, and yet it happens to people of all ages anyway. He is one of six family members that have passed recently between my husband and my extended families. That’s the spiritual boot camp of sorts we are going through as a family, as mentioned in my previous post. And so today’s message from Lee Carroll spoke to me. I am sharing it, as it may resonate for more people. It is my understanding that many are facing new horizons. Not just people who are grieving for loved ones who passed, but also those who may find certain illusions no longer work. Perhaps you too are awakening to a new reality. It is not without challenge. Can you see the gift in these challenges? Can you see the seeds of equivalent benefit in them? Can you remember who you are and why you are here? And it – reality – is what we make of it. Our thoughts. Taking shape in our hands. In our hearts. Our minds. And beyond that, the collective consciousness in which we each get to co-create new realities, and new challenges to bust more illusions that no longer are of service.




You are dearly loved


   This one is going to touch your heart. We’ve spoken of this many times before, because you’ve got to understand how it really works. I speak now to the family in this room, and to those reading this. It’s about the seemingly inappropriate deaths of those around you, and again, we speak of family. We speak of the kind of departure that leaves you and the others in its wake in sorrow, broken and asking God, “How could you do this?” We’ve explained it before: it’s not about what happens, it’s about the journey. It’s about the contract. That’s why, dear ones, as we wash your feet, we want you to know something that is so critical and so important about these, the small ones who come in and die in a family – or the grown ones who come in and do the same thing.
They place upon you a burden for life, which you call great sorrow. They come in with an overlay that is great, divine, and extremely anointed – a task that is called a “gift” for you. Hiding within the seemingly horrible event is a gift that is surrounded not by what they did, but by what you do in response.  . You see, it’s not about their death; they did it for you.  You call it sacrifice, but it isn’t. That’s the wrong word. It’s called love. It’s an appropriately designed contract – a manifestation of a gift on this planet for you. And I’ll tell you what the gift is: If the event didn’t bring you to your knees, it should have, because that’s where you decided to give intent to examine who you were. That’s where the process starts that is often the catalyst for enlightenment. And if it didn’t do that, I want to tell you it’s about time it did. Because if it didn’t, they wasted the gift! Perhaps this is a new twist on how you feel, and perhaps you do not wish us to be so direct – but it’s absolutely true! This seemingly heartwrenching event did not happen to them – it happened to you. If you doubt that, look around: where are they, and where are you? Realize that all the energy around it was for you. What have you done with it? Have you been consumed with anger? Guilt? Perpetual grief?
We challenge you to look at this event with clearer eyes and start the celebration! I challenge you, as a Human Being, to have the wisdom to celebrate their birthday, and the gift that it was. Know that this special Human Being came down in uniqueness, with a contract to give you something grand – and that’s called service. What a task!

~ Kryon, Book VII as channelled by Lee Carroll ~