Sandy’s message

As everyone on the Eastern Seaboard prepares for a massive storm, I find myself in a world where there is a great deal of frantic activity. I observe people scared to loose simple conveniences, scared of the threat of unknown hardships. Of course grocery stores are mobbed. And yet somehow grace can be found even within this frenzy of busy people. A senior citizen man graciously offers me his spot on line at the register, since I am only checking out one bottle of water for the road, heading Upstate, where I expect to still have access to clean water even after or during a storm. The elderly lady in front of me repeats the gesture, smiling: “By all means!” Naturally I thank them both profusely.

In the stillness just before the storm, I ask the “Upstairs Department”, what is the message behind this storm? The answer turns out to be all about sharing.

Dear Ones, Sacred Sangha of Earth ◦ Recognize who you truly are
Beloved Beings of Presence ◦ We are One ◦ Unified, we raise Humanity
Embodiments of the Universe ◦ Sharing the Grace of Silence is our Duty
Awakening the People of Earth for a Global Transformation of Human Life
Step into the Light ◦ Be joyful ◦ Feed the hungry ◦ Do not seek fame or fortune
Give all you can to those who have nothing.

It seems like many are already listening. After all, together we’ve weathered quite a few storms already with much the same message. I invite everyone who reads this to take this message to heart, trust the process, and share in the Grace of Silence.



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