To fear or not to fear

Working with Angels… Who does that? Quite a few people these days, as well as eons ago. It’s becoming more and more common again. Angels are available 24/7 and happy to assist, only when we ask. The energy of AA Michael is an expanded energy, available to masses of people anywhere, simultaneously. Angels are never bound by time or space. Imagine how different your decisions are when you are not troubled by fear.

Image“I have at my disposal pillars of light, pillars of love. Any time that you feel you are not holding the love energy in your hearts and fear may enter your minds, or any time that you feel you are being unfairly pressed by the dark brothers and sisters or by any other energy whose desire it is to interfere with you and get you to become unfocused in the love and the light, call upon me for a pillar of light. Again, I cannot give you a pillar of light unless you ask because you have the free will to suffer or not suffer. If you suffer, I feel compassion and love for you, but I cannot do anything else about it. Call upon me for pillars of light, I will show you how this works. Archangel Michael, surround me with the pillar of light. When you make the request, I will know that you want it.” Archangel Michael through John Armitage

To Fukushima – With Love


Link to Little Grandmother’s Site: Sending Crystals To Fukushima – With Love

Are you too starting to notice how we, and everything is all connected?

This time I am asking for your attention and if you feel so inclined, your actions to help transmute the situation in Fukushima.

Little Grandmother, my dear sister Kiesha from the Tribe of Many Colors explains how together we can make a difference. A brilliant opportunity to show ourselves and each other what a massive, Love-based focus can do.

Thank you for all you are, and all you contribute!

This video may help put on your Love – your Happy Place. Warning: May cause spontaneous movement, dancing, bursting out in song and lots of smiles.