This blog is born in response to the changes we are facing as citizens of the universe. I am feeling called to share a perspective on what is happening on a regular basis and invite you to share yours.

In Loving Light,

Nell Tomassen Reboh

Transformation/Ascension Coach

New Paradigm MDT Master Teacher


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  1. April · December 1, 2011

    Nell, thank you for finding me and appreciating the flaming Christmas robins. More importantly, thank you for writing about UC Davis. I haven’t; I posted at length on FB about the First Amendment (in context with UCD and with the OWS movement) but have not carried it through into my blog.

    I also read your “son is missing” blog, as my youngest is very much a roller coaster child (he is now 21) and recently I was reminded of it when he went silent and it took me several increasingly stressful days to track him down.


  2. elxroflife · January 27, 2012

    Hi April,
    It’s been a while, but I remember vividly that precious snippet of life you blogged about.

    You and I are sisters in experience, as I recently had another taste of my son *going silent*. I took a few days of torturing myself – waiting up – before I let go. Whenever I thought of him, I sent him love. I focused on other things, and on the night the Northern Lights were visible from parts of Maine – after a day of solar flares – I was feeling their effect, and just had to go outside to experience the energy. After a few moments of communing with nature, star gazing, engrossed in listening to the whispers of the wind, and riding the energy, in comes the kid, as if he had never left. Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet” is a book I’ve read when pregnant with my first born, and many of the words he shared “on children” immediately found their way in, to stay. They have often offered solace.

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