I am home again from an event I like to call a ManHatHan (Manhattan’s Mayan name according to Mayan elder Hunbatz Men) experience. When Hunbatz Men spoke he came through as a profound speaker of truth. Every word was heart felt. Rather then giving you a summary of what he said, I’ll share some of the qualities of what I experienced. I can completely understand the non-understanding of the phenomena of the Crystal Skull ceremonies, and that some are creeped out by it, although I am quite certain that if you had been there, you would no longer be scared.

These ceremonies are really about integrating the divine energies that resonate within the heart. It’s about healing and celebrating the connection between Mother Earth and all of humanity. The Armageddon stories about the end of the Mayan calendar come from “what ifs” as if humanity is not getting the message as a whole. While the “what is” is already very uplifting, showing that enough of us are getting the message, and sharing it. The beginning of the end of the Mayan calendar that was celebrated last night was much like a new years eve party, sharing reflections and intentions for the healing of ourselves as fellow humans who are all connected as keepers of the earth, rather then property owners or wannabes who are in a constant fight or struggle about land and resources that are meant to be shared.

All I can say is that I was called in as a crystal whisperer (someone who can listen to crystals by tuning into their sound vibrations that are usually inaudible to human hearing). Even though I cringe at the very word “pilgrimage”, the indigenous belief systems to me have always resonated more as truth then any other religion, and so I responded to the call to attend the ceremonies. I connected with some of the crystal skulls last night. Their energy was something I cannot even put into words, other than they had a pure, divine, love vibration that caused within me a vibration I experienced as waves that particularly massaged my heart chakras, located in the throat, heart and solar plexus areas. During some of the chants that took place I felt as if my head and neck were being severed, so as to cause a shift in consciousness to allow the heart energy to rule. There was a soreness, a slight resistance, that I just breathed through. It fit the journey I have been on for years in my quest to live fully from the heart. Whatever parts of me that were still frozen or dormant, blocked, just melted and are still being integrated.

Those who are interested can read more about it here:




Staying Centered

Channeling through Germain by fellow Shamballan Esme:

There is no one more capable or knowledgeable in your life than you. Creating co-dependent relationships, where your will is being pushed aside in the name of harmony, actually diminishes your ability to assess your Divine voice. Society has taught you to “be good.” There is no such standard. Create, instead, respectful, soulful connections where neither entity need acquiesce. You are not bound to eachother in servitude. Service to your own Divinity is all that has ever been the goal. Being your true self, releasing all karmic ties is the work here. Now is the time to set yourself free from all constraints. Open your heart and access from this place the actions needed to stay centered during this transition.

Hit home immediately, yes! Thank you Esme and Germain! I’ve read it a few times by now, and have taken it to heart.

Just in time to help me through a few hurdles.
Today I was in the emergency room with my son Yannick, (High School senior) as our pediatrician is on leave. Whatever he may have, it is not the end of the world, and I actually have wonderful remedies in my cupboard for it. Meanwhile, my son is not interested in any of it. As far as he is concerned, I should be working “a regular job”, have health insurance and a regular income. I am the looser. Good thing I read this channeling before I faced the music with my son, and instead just continued to be myself, accepting and loving, while keeping boundaries in place.
Together we were able to move beyond the frustration my son was feeling, and he found out that I actually was more knowledgeble on the subject of what was ailing him then the doctor, and she was admitting as much. Also his school nurse suggested we look into alternative medicine for solutions as western medicine is great with lab work, but not very experienced or sophisticated in treatment of what he suspects he may have. Noticing (and loving) all these synchronicities that keep showing up telling me that as long as we just breathe through it,  duality consciousness can be overcome by unity consciousness. It is only just a few breaths away. Breathing in Love, exhaling Love.
If Yannick wants to take herbal and vibrational remedies just in case, I have them. He knows. It’s up to him. If he wants to wait it out until he gets the results, and feels more inclined to bring in the guns of conventional medicine, that’s up to him too. Trusting he’ll be just fine either way.
This past weekend Yannick has been talking to a recruiter. He took an aptitude test to see if he’ll join the marines after graduation. Needless to say my husband and I are less then thrilled. When Yannick asked for a ride to his appointment, my husband Joe and I were one united front. “No. We don’t support such aspirations. Find your own way there if you must.” “Oh, the recruiter offered me a ride already. He can come pick me up.” “Let him try. We may kill. Self defence you know.” I had visions of my indigenious warrior self, shooting an arrow through the recruiters throat, so he wouldn’t ever be able to invite another into that killing machine that keeps producing boxes full of dismembered body parts on both ends of whatever stupid war. Yannick thought the idea of me making attempts to kill the recruiter was hilarious. He may not know yet that I have amazing skill, aim and timing when needed. Of course he got a ride from the recruiter, and I picked him up after his appointment. All I did was send them both Love. With amazing skill, aim and timing.
None of the preconceived ideas I have about the military matter actually. If this is our son’s way to answer to his divinity, so be it. By the time his training is done, if it ever comes to that, the Marines may be one fantastic humanitarian unit. And even if that may never come to be (hard to fathom for someone who can clearly already feel the vibration of a new reality here on earth), there are ways within any system where there are possibilities to be of service. As it is he has chosen a specific trade already: construction electric/engineering. Trusting that Love will see us through whatever it is we are facing with Yannick.
Thank you again Esme, for sharing this heartfelt Germain channeling. It came in timely and to the point as ever!!! Paying it forward, as it may help someone else stay centered.

Still a very individual process

Use discernment, take what resonates, leave the rest. The Hollywood images in the following video entitled “Revelations” are at times histerical, hopefully for you too it may provide some welcome laughter or even an upset that provides opportunities for healing on different levels.

While You Were Out

While You were out,

many things transpired.

A sky was born.

Love & Laughter married.

Ten Thousand suns were birthed.

I awoke a Butterfly,

my wings burst into song,

and I even changed my name

While You were out.

Planets began to dance,

and all colors traded hues.

Stars turned themselves into ocean bottoms;

Grasshoppers into Gazelles,

and I left the earth

and returned


All while You were out.

‘While You Were Out’  Em Claire Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved

October Shamanic Forecast 2011

Always love reading this Shamanic Forecast, much that resonates as usual. Sharing it with you.

By Lena Stevens


The main theme for October 2011 isTurning Point.

The image is that of facing a well-known view, in fact a view you have become so accustomed to you hardly notice it anymore. And now you have just realized that you are turning away from this view 90 degrees to the right and leaving it completely behind in order to face a new view. Suddenly it dawns on you that the old view will be gone forever, never to be seen again in the same way. There is nostalgia around the permanence of the loss of this old view. It is familiar to you and it has served to inspire, entertain, give you feedback and be a placeholder in your life. You realize that once you turn towards the new view the old one is gone forever. And despite the inadequacies of the old view in matching a new time, there is a resistance to giving it up and turning towards the unknown. What if the new view isn’t as good as the old one? What if you won’t be able to see the new view? What if it is not a clear view, or an inspiring one? What if there is no new view?

The Turning Point can also be called the Point of No Return. When one season ends and another begins, as in moving from Summer to Fall, there is no going back. You have passed the point of no return. And as you move clockwise around the medicine wheel from one direction to the next, you are at a point of no return as you arrive at the new position or direction. The natural progression in moving forward is always clockwise or to your right. That is the way the clock works, the seasons roll, and wheels move forward. So we are at the point of turning clockwise into a new landscape providing us with a new view.

We have been creating this new view for a while now. We just have not turned our sights on it as yet. The new view has been waiting for our much-needed focus on it to come into being and we are just now at that point but some of us still unwilling to make the final turn. What we do not realize in our resistance is that the new view is fabulous, inspiring, supportive and perfect for where we need to go. However in order to see the new view we must turn away from the old one and turn towards the new one. This is happening whether you are choosing to or not. We are truly at the Turning Point right now.

Another image to work with is the idea of the Turning Point as the point at which there is enough energy moving in a certain direction to insure a result. If you have been ill and are recovering, there is turning point in your illness where you are insured a recovery. The same thing applies to an ending or a death. There is a certain turning point at which there is a certainty about the outcome. When a lot of energy is being put into building a business or starting a project, or cultivating a relationship, there is always a turning point at which it either takes off or you see that it won’t work. This month you have the opportunity to experience turning points in many aspects of your life. Perhaps you have set certain intentions, and worked with them over time. This month you may get to experience a turning point in manifesting those intentions.

Other themes of the month are Transition/Transformation and Death/Rebirth.


October 1-7: There is a quality of stillness to this time frame almost as a wave gathering its energy. It is a good time to reflect, to be aware, to practice staying present and to be fully in whatever experience you are having. This is more about being than it is about doing. Practice gratitude for everything and be aware of the impermanence of what you experience. Spend time in contemplation and be aware of your own process rather that be distracted by what others want or are doing. You can easily be derailed by chaos at this time. Setting up just right for the turning point requires being focused without distraction. Eliminate chaos whenever possible at this time.

Above are just a few snippets. For the complete forecast:

October Forecast 2011.

Letting Go

As we move into what is one of my favorite seasons, it is always bittersweet. I
LOVE Summer, and have to say goodbye. That’s the hard part. Thankfully October
is usually a month in which the warmth still lingers on, crickets singing
“Summer’s still here – Fall coming up” while the crisp night air whispers
instructions for the tree spirits. Then the leaves in the trees hypnotize us
with the most vibrant colors we can imagine, and then some. Especially in NY
every time I am completely taken by what the tree spirits bring about. Colorful and savory pumpkins and squashes do the rest. As the trees prepare to let go of their leaves, they gently encourage me to do the same with whatever it is that no longer  serves me. Deep breath in, holding it, sending it to where I hold tension and  resistance, and… exhale… I am an Autumn Child!