The most rewarding and sensible thing for co-creation

After soaking up some delicious sunshine today, walking around barefoot I feel complete. Infinitely loved and supported. Someone brought up the notion today that he had no idea whether it would feel to earth that she is being kissed or kicked by us walking on her. The first thought that came to mind is that as long as it is done in joy it doesn’t matter at all. We are one with earth. We can jump especially when we do it with joy. We can dance bare foot.

Going around bare foot outdoors is also known as earthing, for the purpose of grounding. Tuning into our divine source and grounding it into the divine mother earth is the most rewarding and sensible thing we can do for our co-creation.

If grounding is in any way a challenge for you, please contact me.  I can offer you grounding techniques that will help you reconnect with the source of who you are.



Celebrating fathers

Today of all days my father’s favorite marching band music echoed through the house. How very fitting. We don’t usually listen to this kind of music, and here it just shows up. Dad passed a year and a half ago. Remembering him, celebrating what I learned from him, and what he meant to me. A lot of what I remember wasn’t pretty at all, yet it was real, to the bone, heart felt. He turned out a brave and gentle warrior in the end, after years of struggle and strife. All of his own design, against a backdrop of many things that appeared completely beyond his control. It took him a while to try out different roles of tyrant and victim – and everything in between – to finally become gentle and humbled, owning up to all his actions. The only thing that mattered in the end is that we did love each other, no matter what.

As I reflect on the kind of father my husband is, words escape me. All sorts of feelings are flooding in as we’ve had quite a year. I can say that he is the kind of dad only he could be, against a backdrop of things that appear much beyond his control. Affectionate, nurturing and at times a bit impatient, which seems to balance out the fact that I am at times too patient. And then when I am at the very bottom of my patience, he musters up extra reserves of it.

Thinking about the many single parents out there. Some are mom and dad all at once. Hats off to you, especially for those times when you are at your wit’s end, sleep deprived, with no one to turn to. May you and your children find ways to figure it out together. May you remember not to take it all too seriously, and shake things off with laughter.

Thinking too about the estranged dads out there. Some by choice, others quite against their choice. May you and your children find the courage and compassion needed to either come to terms with things, or to reunite.

Quite a few dads are physically missing this year, between our families, as they have passed. I salute them, and celebrate their memory, that lives on in the hearts of all who loved them. As a family, we have been quite impacted with the effects of their passing. I am awed at how resilient our kids turn out to be, and how compassionate they are towards themselves and others.



Venus transit ponderings: Is world peace actually possible?

Sharing this with permission from my client to quote him and use his name. Mike wrote to me this morning the following:

“Was just thinking about this.. its something I used to think a lot about..

Is world peace actually possible?
If everyone someone managed to live the “middle way”… wouldn’t there still be “evil?”

Isn’t the existence of evil necessary for good to exist?

Therefore… isn’t it irrational to be “against” evil? And besides… what IS evil? Suffering, pain, and peace are all subjective.


breaking of the shell

In reply I wrote this:

Loving your deep thought processes here Mike.

Isn’t the existence of evil necessary for good to exist? Love this one particularly. This is one of the lies we have been fed for thousands of years in order to experience the illusion of separation from source, which evolved into a game of dominance/oppression.

Consider what life would be like free of fear. At that point there is no good or bad. There just is. Everything is integrated and connected in a harmonizing play of light (known) and shadows (unknown/unconscious). The moment light is shed on the shadow, it becomes light, and therefor known/conscious. This is the expanded point of view.

Suffering, pain, and peace are all subjective. For many years I was one of these people who took pride in having a high pain threshold. A lot of Europeans I find came with that M.O. And  many Americans have this fear of pain, hence the excessive use of pain killers. The trap here is in subjecting oneself to unnecessary pain and suffering, because it’s supposedly alright when we cover it up in one way or another.

Suffering seems to coincide with attachment to judgments on “how things *should* be” and all kinds of fears – as in False Evidence Appearing Real. An effective light worker does not fight against the dark. He or she connects through the soul star with mother/father Source, and through the earth star with the heart of mother Earth. This brings the light of unconditional love through all levels of one’s being, physical-emotional-mental-spiritual, flooding all chakras, particularly lower- (solar plexus), middle- and upper heart (throat) chakras, all the way up to the crown, fountaining into the auric field.

This light and love is a powerful form of protection. It cuts through fear so that one can begin to approach any obstacle with courage, as a gift that offers opportunity for growth.

I am feeling the Venus transit happening. It is bringing in more of a softening, feminine/yin energy which is needed to balance the male/yang domination we have had here on Earth for thousands of years. For me it came with quite an intensity, piercing through and breaking any kind of resistance to what is already here. It is penetrating the shadow parts within me that are seeking to be brought to light for integration, release and transmutation. I trust these energies are here to support all of humanity in our journey toward opening up to giving and receiving more love.

Peaceful coexistence does appear to be inevitable, with this much light and support coming in. It’s a matter of opening up to it. I am opening up in sweet surrender, saying goodbye to the old ways after having been subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering. All brought on by battling a fit of non-acceptance triggered by the ones closest to me. This happens a lot to light workers. We shed light on the shadow parts of those around us, which then echoes back, bringing our own shadow parts to light. I once again let go and let Love. Breathing in Love, exhaling Love.



Action: the driving force behind energy

Begin with the End in Mind

Begin with the End in Mind

Today I read this message from Baba – John Armitage, Shamballa founder. A great reminder of an excellent manifestation practice.

Begin with the End in Mind

Those who are effective in achieving their goals are able to envisage their end result despite the obstacles.

Highly effective people adhere to this habit based on the principle that all things are created twice, there is first the mental creation and then second the physical creation, and the physical creation follows the mental creation in the same way as the building follows its blueprints.

If you don’t visualize what you want out of life then you are at risk of other people and external circumstances influencing your life, because you are not influencing it yourself. Instead begin every day and every task with a clear vision of where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Make that vision a reality!

Is this clear now?  Action is the driving force behind energy, ok folks.”