Nurse-in at Fly Creek Cider Mill


What it’s all about.

Yay!!! A nurse-in! Part of me wishes I was still nursing just so I could be part of this.

Countless times I have nursed in public places, never “discretely” covered up, because there wasn’t anything to be discreet about, or cover. Feeding babies needs neither cover-up nor discretion. Breasts were made to feed our offspring while they are young. First and foremost. The sexual aspect of the breast is secondary at this point in the game, and is an entirely different function. When a baby nurses the entire nipple and areola (area around the nipple) are in the baby’s mouth. That is adequate coverage. I’ve seen plenty of cleavage in gala dresses, where you wonder if with slight movement part of the nipple may become visible.

Now I almost feel sorry for the owners of the Cider Mill. Hopefully they make all the women of the nurse-in feel really welcome, so they can all go about the business of feeding their little ones, or their customers, whichever applies 🙂

Evolutionary challenges


As our DNA is changing, other DNA changes are imposed upon humanity and animals, in the form of vaccines, where viral content is mixed with foreign animal and human DNA. This is injected into the bodies of infants, children, adults and elderly. All of this is done, bypassing natural lines of defense under the guise of fighting disease, while it’s mutagenic and carcinogenic properties are creating dis-ease. A lucrative situation for pharmaceutical and bio chemical companies who can then create charity groups and events to generate more funding from an unsuspecting public, to create more genetic testing, research and experiments. Natural cures are typically shunned and those who provide them have to be very careful how they market their products, otherwise they will be shut down, as no monetary gains can be made by established industry.

So on the one hand the evolution and expansion of the collective consciousness contributes to more people realizing wholeness in their connection with Divine Source, their innate power to self heal by Divine Design, expanded levels of awareness, inner peace, increased empathy and compassion, people who are empowered to live and let live, Love and let Love, Love all, serve all. And on the other we have forces at work, feeding into the collective unconsciousness.  This leads to using weapons of mass distraction, promoting segregation, manipulation, war, fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) programming, hatred and self loathing (blocked love), greed.

As one humanity, we each are capable of all of the above, and it is up to each one of us to discern to which collective we wish to contribute. This is it. Finger pointing and blame games are getting old. If we were born under the same circumstances, and groomed a certain way, we likely would have done the same thing as the ones we may despise for the ways they act or think. It is up to each one of us, as a collective one, to determine the direction humanity is taking, and whether we get to see another cosmic day here on Earth.


Evolutionary gifts

In one of the ascension social networking groups one of my mentors shared profound insights on the recent release work she has initiated, including working through releases of viral content. She chose to put herself through a liver cleanse, which brought about intense inner childhood releases.


The conversation that ensued, and continues, is triggering some insights on my part. Here goes:

It takes a lot of courage and compassion to work through rage, fear, and all that is in the way of realizing wholeness. Continue to forgive and Love yourself through that seemingly endless maze of projections. This is something I learned along the way, and particularly during Shamballa workshops (today called New Paradigm MDT).

As for the massive release of viral content, what comes to mind here is that the physical structure of DNA is made up of viral matter, or at least strongly resembles it. No wonder then, that flu and other viral mutations are an evolutionary gift to accept and allow rather then fight aggressively. My kids’ wholisically oriented pediatrician brought this to my attention some years ago. It is a way to naturally release and transmute accumulated wastes.

As our DNA changes, there is also an artificial component of DNA changes imposed upon humanity and animals. More about this here.

Getting a flu or virus isn’t something to do nothing about either. It is something to embrace as an opportunity to grow and “get better every day” (this came up repeatedly in the online thread that continues). It sharpens our intuitive capacity, so we can begin to realize what natural remedies are available to support the body systems in their innate capacity for homeostasis. It allows for growth on all levels as we continue to evolve. Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous, remember?!

Last year at this time I participated in a collective journey to some sacred sites in Peru.

While some members of my Shamballa family went to Peru physically, I was with them on other levels, feeling so closely connected that I too experienced physical symptoms as they were visiting certain sites. When they for example were suddenly in different altitudes I experienced a piercing and burning pressure on the chest, rising up into throat and nasal passages, and difficulty breathing. Until I realized it was a call to do some breath work and send it to the group as they were exposed to the elements, and needed the support through these physical, mental and emotional challenges.

As our group explored terrain with scattered bones of human remains, I experienced what seemed an endless ancestral flu, as I released fear, rage, shame and guilt from the time we as humanity were (trans- or trance)planted here. And it became more and more clear to me that indeed, we are one. We are making it up as we go along, and whatever it is we manifest, we are doing it either to ourselves, or for ourselves. Collectively. Whatever we are seeing, feeling, allowing into being greatly impacts the whole.

As I was/am working with the Mahatma of Africa, the great white Lion, the dolphin energies, StarGate energies, collective ancestry, etc., I can see how our Sun’s coronal mass ejections are harmonizing the collective with our Great Central Sun, and how this brings the collective disfunction, and unsustainable practices to light.

I am often reminded to KISS and make up (Keep It Simple Stupid) which I take to mean that just as soon as things are seemingly complex, I have allowed myself to see myself as somehow separate from the Collective intelligence that can only be found in being the Love that we are in essence.
Then I can laugh at the stupidity I allowed myself to fall for again, and Keep It Simple Surrender (to Divine Source: I AM That I AM the Mahatma in Love). We are pretty darn powerful as co-creators, as we begin to realize we are collectively, making it ALL up!

Falsehoods (anything discordant, neither humane nor Divine in nature) are massively showing up to be transmuted or otherwise dealt with.

The following observations were/are triggered by cats I have recently met. It is becoming more apparent that the collective feline seems to have an important role in our collective ascension journey. Felines are particularly in touch with the Sun(s). So many have thyroid conditions lately. Many are considering whether to stay and ascend in their current physical body, or to reincarnate once again.

I have been working with a few felines that profoundly touched my heart. One seems to have chosen option two, and the other option one. One of my elixirs turned out particularly helpful for both.

Now I wonder if the thyroid issues have anything to do with Fukushima and similar incidents, as I have witnessed some nuclear activities in seemingly electric storms, where military and ET forces were either practicing or duking things out. Maybe these are ways in which the nuclear wastes are being neutralized, at least that is what it felt like, driving through it between Syracuse and the Finger Lakes area. There was a strong Native American presence there as well. And I felt a mixture of trepidation at the experimental nature of the spectacle (then again, the entire placement of humanity here on Earth is experimental in nature), sheer excitement at impending changes, and peace in the quiet, between the activities.

I see clearly now the solar activities reflected in the feline aspect. As felines are considering to either stay in physical and practice their alchemist prowess, or dropping their body to reincarnate and continue the ascension journey in a new body, it appears the Sun in our solar system is projected by some to be considering the same thing. After all, there are other great stars lined up and available to continue the important task in Via Lactea’s Solar System.

Our collective ascension journey as part of humanity here on Earth, has an impact here, and vice versa. The very thing to remember here is that all individual thoughts and actions impact the collective. And so the call to clean up our act as conscious co-creators continues to gain momentum, as distractions are also created by those who support a different agenda.

We are in for a wild ride!

Namaste to all who read this ♡