In Light of Marriage Equality Talks

In light of the marriage equality talks, when are we going to all accept that each of us are both male and female to begin with? It becomes evident particularly when people age. Men become softer, and women start to grow facial hair. Anyway, Dasimayya says it better:

ImageIf they see
breast and long hair coming
they call it woman,

If beard and whiskers
they call it man:

But look, the Self that hovers
in between

is neither man
nor woman
O Ramanatha.

~ Dasimayya

Spring is here! Embracing Sunlight and vitamin D


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Happy Spring everyone! We’ve made it to the Vernal Equinox! And please welcome the rays of the Sun without sunscreens. Use coconut oil on your face and exposed skin, and make smoothies loaded with antioxidants and super greens for your natural protection. We can all use the extra vitamin D the tanning process creates. Sunscreens and blocks – even many so called natural ones – cause skin cancer and put you at risk for other cancers as it inhibits the body’s vitamin D production. Instead, just gradually build the exposure time to sunlight. Use common sense. Hours of frying is not recommended. Wear a hat when it gets hotter, and look up the shade after you’ve had enough time basking in the sun.

Confused? Here’s a little help from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Learn all about the redneck phenomenon and vitamin D connection. The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D

I can imagine you’ll still opt for getting a sunscreen for your kids during Summer camp. Here is a guide:

Here’s what the Almanac has to say about the Vernal Exuinox