The Power of Attention


Today I stumbled upon this channeling through Lady Nada from 1937, and it resonates on so many levels I feel compelled to share it. Take what resonates, leave the rest.


“For instance, the Power of your attention, vision, and qualification is so gigantic when consciously controlled. These activities sound so simple, and yet they are majestic, and contain within them the Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the universe. Your attention, Precious Ones, is the most powerful attribute in the use of mankind; and it always has been – because what your attention is upon, you compel yourself to become, even in the human form. When you realize that your attention has been on discord, limitations, seeming obstructions of every kind, and human creations, then you know why you have compelled yourself to live in them – because of the power of your attention!

“When you turn from that and give your attention to the “Presence” where all Perfection, all Intelligence is, you give It all Power to flow forth in your world. Your “Presence” will reverse not only your attention, visualization, and qualification, but the very law compels It to act according to where your attention is. You will see at once the Great Power, the Great Intelligence which is yours in the “Mighty I AM Presence”; for It beats your Heart and gives you Life. When your attention is turned to your “Presence,” you have Its full Power flowing into you and your world, not only to produce health in your body, but to flow out in your world to harmonize and make your every Heart’s desire possible. . . . ”

Beloved Nada
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   March 1, 1937,   Houston, Texas U.S.A. 15