One can dream awake

One can dream awake…
“HBG: Does it occur to you…
HTG: That we’re both being worked over? It sort of does.
HBG: I mean, how is it that, this year, there are two guys running for President who are opposite extremes, and both of them are talking about bringing jobs back to the US and how we’re being screwed? But they’re opposites. Total extreme opposites.
HTG: It’s like somebody wants to put us at each other’s throats, even though…
HBG: We both have the same problem. Caused by the same damn people.
HTG: The Globalists.
HBG: The fucking Globalists.
HTG: Can you imagine what would happen if all of us, all the Americans who’ve been getting screwed in the same way, losing our jobs, were on the same side?
HBG: We could be a fucking tidal wave.

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