Exploring “The Void”

Upon reading Tom Kenyon’s channeling from “The Hathors” (a seven-fold Egyptian creative Goddess energy) which you can read here: http://tomkenyon.com/transition-states-of-consciousness?utm_source=Hathors%20Messages%20through%20Tom%20Kenyon&utm_campaign=bd119fe7c1-Hathors_Message_4_22_114_22_2011&utm_medium=email

I am pondering on the notion of this void for a while. It has come up more than once for me in my own individual yearnings and spiritual explorations. And everyone in my realm is talking about it these days. Exploring the void, and then at the end encouraging to create something new. Right now, I am not feeling that urge to create something new so much. I am just settling comfortably in the void, just getting familiar. Shutting down the senses I’ve been taught I have. Will there be anything revealed? This is the first time I am feeling comfortable in this void. Trusting it. Not in a hurry for anything “new” to occur.

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