Tribal wisdom

Recently I received this beautiful story in my Shamballa e-group:
An anthropologist proposed a game to children of an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruits under a tree and he told children that the one who reaches it first will win the sweet fruits. When he told them to run, they all took each other by the hand and ran together, then sat down together to share their sweets. When he asked them why they had ran like that, while one of them could have all the fruits to himself, they said: UBUNTU!
UBUNTU in Hausa culture means: “I am because we are.”

An excellent day to tune in and reflect

Today – with the energies of a new moon and an annular solar eclipse (total eclipse with the outer edges of the sun still visible like a ring of fire) – is an excellent day to tune in and reflect with utmost love and reverence on who you truly are .

More then ever before in this lifetime, is it possible today to look into our divine purpose. We each are here with a global purpose – simply sharing specific frequencies of energy to assist our planet and every living being on it during our evolutionary process. In addition we each have an individual purpose to do with our natural gifts and talents, along with learning and teaching certain life lessons through experience.
An ideal time to engage in a deep reflective conversation with your higher self – I am presence. Tune in, and reflect with unconditional Love and utmost reverence.



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