Wrapping up 2013 & why the magic happens.

How do I even begin to reflect on this year, with so many pivotal events and highlights that have had their effect on my personal life?

Perhaps it makes sense to just share what comes up as highlights.

  • Life has never been the same since we’ve uprooted from the NY Metro Area to a more remote lifestyle in New York’s Upper Catskill mountains. Turns out this was the best move ever for our family, as we found a community here with many like minded ones, who have opted out of the rat race, and are being the change they wish to see in the world.
  • I have traveled quite a bit to and from the various cities in the mountains, as far as Massachusetts and Vermont, sharing my gifts as well as appreciating the gifts of the ones I get to meet, in a joint commitment to transform life as we know it on all levels of being. To top it all off I have been in constant awe with the vistas mother nature provided on every one of these trips. Picture me jubilant: “Wow, I get to be here and see this!!!”
  • Every trip back to the NY Metro area has been wonderful. Moving away, as I am known to do quite a bit, after living somewhere long enough, always comes with a deeper appreciation of the relationships with the ones I had a connection with in that area. So it’s always a joy to reconnect. Or actually we are always connected and it’s a joy every time to be back in touch with that connection.
  • I hesitate sharing this next one, and am guided to share anyway. Earlier this month I worked with college students and staff at SUNY Oneonta, (Upstate NY) with a group of healers, offering stress relief in preparation for their mid term exams. Well, it turns out a lot more happened then just stress release in the series of 15 minute (allotted time) sessions. There was a Reiki master who asked if I wanted to work with her on one of the college staff members, as it wasn’t very busy yet. I said: “Sure if the gentleman agrees”. He did, so she worked alongside with me for two minutes, accurately pinpointed a core issue and then whispered to the gentleman about me: “Wow, she is amazing! You are in excellent hands here.” She then stepped aside to let me complete the session. A young man was next, who, after a few minutes of brain balancing,  maintained eye contact for a while. He then burst out in tears, folded double, his head in my lap, releasing many years of feeling rejected. Recognizing that he too contributed to the kind of (un)consciousness that creates rejection and non-acceptance, he forgave himself, and in doing so, for the very first time truly recognized and accepted himself. From here it was easy to realize alignment with a consciousness that embraces all kinds of being different. Never will I forget just how different this guy looked when he walked out of the room from when he entered, all lit up with the biggest smile. Word traveled, and people (all students at this point) just lined up,  specifically wanting sessions with me. Other healers came to me, telling me they recognized what I offered was something they would very much want to learn. These were wonderful, talented people too. The experience was quite humbling for me. I ended up working after the other healers went home, until the very last one was served, each one walking more grounded, lighter and brighter.
  • A description of what I do: I combine several modalities. One is called E-l’xr (Eternal Love eXemplified Resonance), a ministry of light I developed with guidance particularly from my ancestry, the Angelic realms, the Pleaiades, the Nature realms and the mineral kingdom. We co-create gem elixirs that are used to trigger homeostasis, and provide support to all who are on the path of ascension (we have worked with trees, bodies of water, human beings and animals). The other main modality I work with is called New Paradigm MDT (Multi Dimensional Transformation). The energy is called Shamballa. Together with teams (Angelic, Shamballa Masters of Light, the 7 Elohim and MMAP healing teams, different masters and Angels, specific to each client & their ancestry) I create a vortex in which only energies of the Mahatma (unconditional love & compassion) are allowed, lower vibrational energies are released and transmuted, or sent to where they are of better service. I tell everyone I work with about my teams, encouraging them to use discernment and believe nothing I say, unless it resonates for them in their experience. As always, choice is key. Only working with those who choose, every time, without exception – whether in person or from a distance – magic happens. 
  • Why does this magic happen? Because within the energies of the Mahatma Love without condition, everything that isn’t Love has to leave. This leaves us (the individual or group and I) fearless, fully present as one and able to connect easily with all that truly matters.
  • So here we are, wrapping up a year in gratitude, and ready for more. I am here for you and the whole of humanity, willing to travel where ever I am called to trigger & facilitate transformation, and serve all who choose to live fully from the heart, are seeking to be more present in their world(s), or wish to become practitioners too. So call me!
  • And last but not least, it’s always great to wrap up a year sharing highlights of what changes have been occurring on our vibrantly alive planet, in spite of too many abuses that are coming to an end. Sharing from my dear friend Cynthia Sue Larson’s blog.

Still here? Well, thank you! Wishing you peace and gratitude as you wrap up your year. If your year wasn’t all that great, please know that I too have my challenges, sometimes making a mess of things. Until I remember to use every crisis as an opportunity to create something better, by taking response-ability.

Sending Love and the happiest of Happy New Year vibes to all willing to receive!


Breaking is freeing


“Heartbreak opens
onto the sunrise.
For even breaking is
opening and I am
I am open.
See the love shine in
through my cracks.
See the light shine
out through me.
My spirit takes
My spirit takes flight,
and I am not running,
I am choosing.
I am broken.
I am broken open.
Breaking is freeing.
Broken is freedom.
I am not broken.
I am free.”

~ Dee Rees

You can listen to the poem recited by Adepero Oduye, who plays Alike (ah-lee-kay) in the movie “Pariah” wordpress stopped supporting video, so here is the link

Last night I very much enjoyed watching this movie, and particularly the conclusion of it. A most courageous response to struggles and dysfunctional family dynamics was presented, and very credibly acted out by a brilliant cast. “Pariah” is about a girl, who is coming of age and discovering her way in how she chooses her own sexual expression. All in spite of non-acceptance in her community, and in particular her church going mother.

These are themes close to my heart and to what is happening in the world today. Segregation due to minor differences that are blown out of proportion. We see a girl, whose father jokes she better not be having sex until she is 25. Next her parents would prefer that their teen daughter has sex with a boy already, as the “norm” stipulates. As I watched this girl fall apart and in the end, more together than ever, I feel great about the world at large, that appears to be going through much of the same. The differences can be about anything, even food preferences. The journey is worthwhile. One person at the time, we may discover we are free and whole all along. The key word is choice. “I am choosing”.