Erroneous behavior will send you back to your country of origin

fascist meme

Above image is a Dutch patriotic looking meme I found on facebook, and is translated in the title of this blog.

It got me going. Wheels were already set in motion by the effects of a full Red Moon and partial lunar eclipse. I had just changed my profile picture with a cartoon version of my face. My ten year old son quipped: “You look like a villain. You are now a cartoon psychopath“. Perfectly fits the mood, in response to psychopaths who appear to be running the corporate US, and too many other countries. A way for me to cope is to address my own shadow, psychopathic programming and all shenanigans. This was exactly what was on my mind when I saw the cartoonized photo of me and I knew I “had to” show my family, friends, my tribe, this face.

So I pondered on that meme and came up with this:

Wonder if this indeed is a solution, send people – after erroneous behavior – to their countries of origin, especially when the land is unrecognizable. Home and culture destroyed. If this were to happen here, there would be a mass exodus in this country. Then perhaps the “Indians” would remain. Erroneous behavior by Columbus, who thought he was in India, gave these generous, hospitable people the name, and then exploited them by looting and murdering them. This was expected of him. John Trudell called this the virus. It rages on. It appeared on Earth in Europe, as a means to get its population “civilized”. This was imposed on us, and in no way gently. That this happened is hardly described in the history of mankind. History. His story. The official version is always described by the “winners” of the wars. There are really only losers in this kind of violence. Namely what is lost in any war is our sense of humanity, our human(e) beingness. We forget who we are and where we come from. Fear and trauma occupies the mind and blocks the re-minder. The memory of who we are inside. The connection to all that is. The love and our capacity to love and live in love. Unconditional love is disarming and liberating. According to me and many fellow dreamers with me, the only way for the human race to have a chance at a real society is to surrender to this Love, and embrace it. Society: the word originates from two words: being together. Being is life affirming. Survival is not life. Not really. We need people who dare to be themselves. People who are willing to replace the robot programming of the military industrial complex with consciousness and inspiration.

The words and feelings still echo in my being when I encounter these words: “Maybe all dragons in life are actually princesses who are only waiting for the moment in which we finally, beautifully and courageously, spring into action. Maybe that which we are afraid of in its most naked essence is something helpless, seeking our love.”


Sending Love to all beings everywhere, for as long as it is welcome and received. Sending Love and thanks to all beings everywhere, who are BE(AM)ing the Love here with me, willing to address their shadow. Sending Love and thanks to all beings who struggle to remember who they are, only when it is welcome and received. The ones who need it the most, the ones who are waiting.

Nell Cartoon