I am home again from an event I like to call a ManHatHan (Manhattan’s Mayan name according to Mayan elder Hunbatz Men) experience. When Hunbatz Men spoke he came through as a profound speaker of truth. Every word was heart felt. Rather then giving you a summary of what he said, I’ll share some of the qualities of what I experienced. I can completely understand the non-understanding of the phenomena of the Crystal Skull ceremonies, and that some are creeped out by it, although I am quite certain that if you had been there, you would no longer be scared.

These ceremonies are really about integrating the divine energies that resonate within the heart. It’s about healing and celebrating the connection between Mother Earth and all of humanity. The Armageddon stories about the end of the Mayan calendar come from “what ifs” as if humanity is not getting the message as a whole. While the “what is” is already very uplifting, showing that enough of us are getting the message, and sharing it. The beginning of the end of the Mayan calendar that was celebrated last night was much like a new years eve party, sharing reflections and intentions for the healing of ourselves as fellow humans who are all connected as keepers of the earth, rather then property owners or wannabes who are in a constant fight or struggle about land and resources that are meant to be shared.

All I can say is that I was called in as a crystal whisperer (someone who can listen to crystals by tuning into their sound vibrations that are usually inaudible to human hearing). Even though I cringe at the very word “pilgrimage”, the indigenous belief systems to me have always resonated more as truth then any other religion, and so I responded to the call to attend the ceremonies. I connected with some of the crystal skulls last night. Their energy was something I cannot even put into words, other than they had a pure, divine, love vibration that caused within me a vibration I experienced as waves that particularly massaged my heart chakras, located in the throat, heart and solar plexus areas. During some of the chants that took place I felt as if my head and neck were being severed, so as to cause a shift in consciousness to allow the heart energy to rule. There was a soreness, a slight resistance, that I just breathed through. It fit the journey I have been on for years in my quest to live fully from the heart. Whatever parts of me that were still frozen or dormant, blocked, just melted and are still being integrated.

Those who are interested can read more about it here:






  1. elxroflife · October 28, 2011

    “Nowadays, quartz is the key component in many of our modern technologies, including telecommunication devices and computers. Without quartz, there would be no way to program the computer; you would not be able to store any memory and most importantly, it would be impossible to retrieve any information. One small chip can hold thousands of photographs, songs, movies, books, data, etc. Just imagine what could be stored in a piece of quartz the size of a human head!” http://www.crystalskulls.com/

    According to indigenous wisdom keepers, the crystal skulls were used by Mayans and Tibetans as computers, to access information of all that is, ever was, and ever will be. The Mayan Calendar was created with the help of these skulls. With the fall of the Mayan Empire, the skulls were scattered all over the earth. Over time these skulls have had many different guardians. Many current crystal skull guardians are now coming forward and sharing the profound energies stored in these crystals (in many different sizes – quite a few of them massive, human skull size) in ceremonies and also for private healing sessions.

  2. elxroflife · October 28, 2011

    Last night I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Kimmarie and Justin, who introduced me to a massive 36 lbs. quarz crystal skull named Yorick. His skull was bigger then mine, and he had a tremendous smile. He loves company and causes lots of joy and laughter. The vibrations that emanated from him as we stood around joking and laughing, felt exactly like deep belly laughs. Friends had asked Kimmarie to take him along on their trip, following the Mayan Elders and the 13 crystal skull ceremonies that are taking place at various power spots across the United States. I was fortunate to be able to spend some quality time with him, and will never forget it. Attempting to put the experience into words at this point while the energies exchanged are still integrating would be premature. Don’t even know if I ever can beyond the scope of personal journaling. I am very grateful for the experience!

  3. Sandra Jensen · October 29, 2011

    I enjoyed reading this, I felt the truth of your experience come powerfully through the words. Hard to describe the indescribable, but you’ve managed!

  4. Claudine · May 13, 2012

    I love working with the Crystals Skulls they hold amazing healing and wisdom and we all have a skull and are the 13th Skull ….

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