Staying Centered

Channeling through Germain by fellow Shamballan Esme:

There is no one more capable or knowledgeable in your life than you. Creating co-dependent relationships, where your will is being pushed aside in the name of harmony, actually diminishes your ability to assess your Divine voice. Society has taught you to “be good.” There is no such standard. Create, instead, respectful, soulful connections where neither entity need acquiesce. You are not bound to eachother in servitude. Service to your own Divinity is all that has ever been the goal. Being your true self, releasing all karmic ties is the work here. Now is the time to set yourself free from all constraints. Open your heart and access from this place the actions needed to stay centered during this transition.

Hit home immediately, yes! Thank you Esme and Germain! I’ve read it a few times by now, and have taken it to heart.

Just in time to help me through a few hurdles.
Today I was in the emergency room with my son Yannick, (High School senior) as our pediatrician is on leave. Whatever he may have, it is not the end of the world, and I actually have wonderful remedies in my cupboard for it. Meanwhile, my son is not interested in any of it. As far as he is concerned, I should be working “a regular job”, have health insurance and a regular income. I am the looser. Good thing I read this channeling before I faced the music with my son, and instead just continued to be myself, accepting and loving, while keeping boundaries in place.
Together we were able to move beyond the frustration my son was feeling, and he found out that I actually was more knowledgeble on the subject of what was ailing him then the doctor, and she was admitting as much. Also his school nurse suggested we look into alternative medicine for solutions as western medicine is great with lab work, but not very experienced or sophisticated in treatment of what he suspects he may have. Noticing (and loving) all these synchronicities that keep showing up telling me that as long as we just breathe through it,  duality consciousness can be overcome by unity consciousness. It is only just a few breaths away. Breathing in Love, exhaling Love.
If Yannick wants to take herbal and vibrational remedies just in case, I have them. He knows. It’s up to him. If he wants to wait it out until he gets the results, and feels more inclined to bring in the guns of conventional medicine, that’s up to him too. Trusting he’ll be just fine either way.
This past weekend Yannick has been talking to a recruiter. He took an aptitude test to see if he’ll join the marines after graduation. Needless to say my husband and I are less then thrilled. When Yannick asked for a ride to his appointment, my husband Joe and I were one united front. “No. We don’t support such aspirations. Find your own way there if you must.” “Oh, the recruiter offered me a ride already. He can come pick me up.” “Let him try. We may kill. Self defence you know.” I had visions of my indigenious warrior self, shooting an arrow through the recruiters throat, so he wouldn’t ever be able to invite another into that killing machine that keeps producing boxes full of dismembered body parts on both ends of whatever stupid war. Yannick thought the idea of me making attempts to kill the recruiter was hilarious. He may not know yet that I have amazing skill, aim and timing when needed. Of course he got a ride from the recruiter, and I picked him up after his appointment. All I did was send them both Love. With amazing skill, aim and timing.
None of the preconceived ideas I have about the military matter actually. If this is our son’s way to answer to his divinity, so be it. By the time his training is done, if it ever comes to that, the Marines may be one fantastic humanitarian unit. And even if that may never come to be (hard to fathom for someone who can clearly already feel the vibration of a new reality here on earth), there are ways within any system where there are possibilities to be of service. As it is he has chosen a specific trade already: construction electric/engineering. Trusting that Love will see us through whatever it is we are facing with Yannick.
Thank you again Esme, for sharing this heartfelt Germain channeling. It came in timely and to the point as ever!!! Paying it forward, as it may help someone else stay centered.

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