The Power of Soup

Someone asked for this recipe, and why not share it?

Root Vegetable Soup

root vegetable soup

If you don’t have any cooking experience, you’ll need to use your senses. All of them. One of them is common sense: Make sure everything is clean before you go to town on your ingredients. Organic is wise, more juicy and flavorful. Remember: you can always add. Smell, taste, feel, listen into your creation. Once you added it, leave it. You’ll learn quickly.

A word of advice for veteran cooks and newbies alike: Keep your attention with your creation. Beware of weapons of mass distraction, especially where fire or heat is involved. No one likes burnt or overcooked vegetable soup, though it is known to happen to the best of us 🙂

Other variation: parsnips are very delicious. Leave out rutabaga and use 2 or 3 parsnips instead, also from the turnip family.

Enjoy ❤



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