The Year of the Monkey is upon us!


Happy New Year of the Monkey to ALL ❤

Monkey Year 2016

What monkey business is this? As it so happens every twelve years in Chinese astrology, the year of the monkey has a way of sneaking up on us. There is a certain set of energetics at play each year in the Chinese zodiac. With monkey it may be wise to keep the emphasis on play, not taking ourselves too seriously, yet remain focused on what matters. How we get along in such a year has much to do with how we each relate to the monkey aspect within us.

In Native American teachings and shamanism, the animal totem of monkey is aptly explained here.

A perspective on the year of the monkey from Chinese Astrology.

Earlier I overheard a friend (Bikram Yoga instructor) say: “Some call it a monkey year, I call it a Hanuman year”. From the Hindu tradition, you can read the translation of the words of the Hanuman Chalisa in this video, telling the story of the Hindu Monkey God, as chanted in Sanskrit by Krishna Das.

It certainly is fun to see the parallels between perspectives from different ancient indigenous teachings and traditions.

Since I Love monkeys and monkey people alike, I am already loving this year!




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