Evolutionary challenges


As our DNA is changing, other DNA changes are imposed upon humanity and animals, in the form of vaccines, where viral content is mixed with foreign animal and human DNA. This is injected into the bodies of infants, children, adults and elderly. All of this is done, bypassing natural lines of defense under the guise of fighting disease, while it’s mutagenic and carcinogenic properties are creating dis-ease. A lucrative situation for pharmaceutical and bio chemical companies who can then create charity groups and events to generate more funding from an unsuspecting public, to create more genetic testing, research and experiments. Natural cures are typically shunned and those who provide them have to be very careful how they market their products, otherwise they will be shut down, as no monetary gains can be made by established industry.

So on the one hand the evolution and expansion of the collective consciousness contributes to more people realizing wholeness in their connection with Divine Source, their innate power to self heal by Divine Design, expanded levels of awareness, inner peace, increased empathy and compassion, people who are empowered to live and let live, Love and let Love, Love all, serve all. And on the other we have forces at work, feeding into the collective unconsciousness.  This leads to using weapons of mass distraction, promoting segregation, manipulation, war, fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) programming, hatred and self loathing (blocked love), greed.

As one humanity, we each are capable of all of the above, and it is up to each one of us to discern to which collective we wish to contribute. This is it. Finger pointing and blame games are getting old. If we were born under the same circumstances, and groomed a certain way, we likely would have done the same thing as the ones we may despise for the ways they act or think. It is up to each one of us, as a collective one, to determine the direction humanity is taking, and whether we get to see another cosmic day here on Earth.



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