Nurse-in at Fly Creek Cider Mill


What it’s all about.

Yay!!! A nurse-in! Part of me wishes I was still nursing just so I could be part of this.

Countless times I have nursed in public places, never “discretely” covered up, because there wasn’t anything to be discreet about, or cover. Feeding babies needs neither cover-up nor discretion. Breasts were made to feed our offspring while they are young. First and foremost. The sexual aspect of the breast is secondary at this point in the game, and is an entirely different function. When a baby nurses the entire nipple and areola (area around the nipple) are in the baby’s mouth. That is adequate coverage. I’ve seen plenty of cleavage in gala dresses, where you wonder if with slight movement part of the nipple may become visible.

Now I almost feel sorry for the owners of the Cider Mill. Hopefully they make all the women of the nurse-in feel really welcome, so they can all go about the business of feeding their little ones, or their customers, whichever applies šŸ™‚


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