Caught off guard in inner view

It is done! Two interviews – or rather inner view podcasts are ready and at your disposal. The lovely, Angelic Esme Seraifiel found a way to completely catch me off guard in conversation. Esme is known to provide inner views of light workers around the globe for the Core Intention Network, to inspire listeners on their path.

Got time? Dig in. Enjoy.

Another way to enjoy these podcasts is to catch a snippet here and there and come back to it till you’ve either had enough or got what you were looking for. When you have a chance and are so inclined, do listen to more of my colleagues on their path as Esme has us all featured on her blog: The Vision and The Voice

Have fun, I sure did, in conversation with Esme!

Here they are:

Nell Tomassen Reboh Part 1

Nell Part 2

Part 1 is about what triggered me on this path, being a rebel at school and in the corporate sector, my brother’s passing, how E-lxr came to be and what I do besides individual sessions.

Part 2 is about the StarGate workshop with John Armitage, about Group Astral Travel events, the Mahatma of Africa Project and more about what goes into the making of an elixir.

Love and thanks go out to Esme, and to everyone on my path!

perspective body image

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