Sending Love in Turbulent Times

Sending Love to all requests, including the unspoken ones. It is at once a shaky and an exciting time to be here and witness the changes, the chaos, the uncertainties, and to be tuned into the great expanse of the multi-verse, seeing-feeling-experiencing everything, riding the waves on the current of the Mahatma Love Without Conditions.

As for the shakiness, laughing and vibrational dance (shaking every part of your physical body) contributes to peace and well being.

Keep on breathing, triggering Light and Love as we rebirth ourselves along with Lady Gaia – Divine Mother Earth. Trusting the process.




One comment

  1. elxroflife · August 25, 2011

    I was at once surprised and not at all surprised by the earthquake I experienced yesterday. Grateful that Lady Gaia was quaking gently enough, in many different locations around the globe, without anyone getting hurt. I believe this to be the case because a critical mass of people are meditating and otherwise adjusting their vibrational frequencies, ascending along with Mother Earth. Find yourself in a storm or earthquake? Focus on your own heartbeat, in gratitude, feel your connection with the earth and everything in your immediate environment in gratitude. Listen to your inner voice for instructions. Recognize that, like the Earth, you are sacred, and protected. Look into the eyes of someone next to you, even a stranger, and see your own sacredness reflecting back to you. This is an exciting, most wondrous time to be alive. To grow together, and to remember who we are.

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