Water Blessing – Call to Action

In answer to all fear projections and concerns over water being the next commodity being stolen from public access, as if there is not enough to go around: this is all hype and another big lie that is being sold by marketing machines. Certainly, there are corporate entities that are doing their darndest to keep selling this lie. Trusting the growing movement of people awakening enough to unsubscribe from these very limiting thoughts that are about to expire anyway.
This planet, and all of its living, breathing creatures, is sacred. In remembering our divine connection with the “Upstairs Department” and  grounding these energies into the very heart of our divine “Mother Earth”, the word “scared” automatically unscrambles into “sacred”. Do whatever breath work combined with a nature walk or meditation to help remember this connection.
Let’s thank the ones who are playing the powergrab game as it contributes to more people awakening to who they are, and what they hold sacred. Let’s remember that every they and you is a reflection of something in us and me. All we have to do is clean up our own act. Stop or limit buying bottled water. If you don’t have one already, get a good water filter system that removes fluoride, chlorine and other toxins. Plenty of glass or stainless steel water bottles to carry your water in for the time you spend away from home.
Become comfortable being a real BITCH: Babe In Total Control of Her/Himself. Lovingly that is. If I am so triggered by the powergrab game, I must acknowledge that I have some cleaning up to do in that area. Where do I engage in that game that leads to nowhere? Loving and accepting myself in others, allows for them to accept and love themselves in me. Much more fulfilling.
I have abundantly running water in my home. Filtered too. I am happy to share it in joy and gratitude. I intend to keep it this way. I trust I can.
Water Blessing
Purify, Purify, Purify
Clear, Clear, Clear
I honor you
I thank you
I love you
Remember too, that the element of water is present in the Earth as well as in the bodies of every living, breathing creature on it. Remember being at one with all of it. We all come from the same consciousness that created all of this. Our bodies contain the same percentages of water/matter as the Earth. How is that for synchronicity?! Water represents emotion, and reflects messages like no other element. Whatever we put out, is returned to us.

Honor, thank and Love the water in and around us. The same blessing can be used for everything we eat and drink.

To learn more about the vibrational healing possibilities in our infinite water resources: check out the amazing Japanese researcher and master teacher Dr. Masaru Emoto  http://www.hadousa.com/
To become an activist: http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/
In Loving Light,

One comment

  1. elxroflife · August 12, 2011

    I am aware that there are on this planet entire communities who do not have access to clean water. This is changing. The following organizations (and more) are working at this, accepting donations and helping hands.





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