Breaking is freeing


“Heartbreak opens
onto the sunrise.
For even breaking is
opening and I am
I am open.
See the love shine in
through my cracks.
See the light shine
out through me.
My spirit takes
My spirit takes flight,
and I am not running,
I am choosing.
I am broken.
I am broken open.
Breaking is freeing.
Broken is freedom.
I am not broken.
I am free.”

~ Dee Rees

You can listen to the poem recited by Adepero Oduye, who plays Alike (ah-lee-kay) in the movie “Pariah” wordpress stopped supporting video, so here is the link

Last night I very much enjoyed watching this movie, and particularly the conclusion of it. A most courageous response to struggles and dysfunctional family dynamics was presented, and very credibly acted out by a brilliant cast. “Pariah” is about a girl, who is coming of age and discovering her way in how she chooses her own sexual expression. All in spite of non-acceptance in her community, and in particular her church going mother.

These are themes close to my heart and to what is happening in the world today. Segregation due to minor differences that are blown out of proportion. We see a girl, whose father jokes she better not be having sex until she is 25. Next her parents would prefer that their teen daughter has sex with a boy already, as the “norm” stipulates. As I watched this girl fall apart and in the end, more together than ever, I feel great about the world at large, that appears to be going through much of the same. The differences can be about anything, even food preferences. The journey is worthwhile. One person at the time, we may discover we are free and whole all along. The key word is choice. “I am choosing”.





  1. jakeb arturio braden · December 4, 2013

    sounds like a great film. I have worked and volunteered for the last 20 years and supprting |LGB&T people in a variety of roles. Thanks for the beautiful poem and the heads up about the film!

  2. elxroflife · December 4, 2013

    My pleasure, Jakeb. And thank you for commenting, and for the work you do in the world!

  3. Karo · December 4, 2013

    Hi Nell,
    I really love the poem and how at first it refers to being broken/open and then broken open (without the line break). Veeery powerful and freeing in the end. And the movie sounds interesting too. Uffff, life seems so much better when we can discuss our differences and social taboos openly. 🙂

    • elxroflife · December 4, 2013

      Hi Karo! I enjoy reading your keen observations. Would love it if you watch the movie too and share your thoughts on it. Thanks for reading and sharing your pov.

  4. Doug Hagens · December 11, 2013

    I like the poem. Especially the part about breaking. Makes me feel I want to break some more! Give me all you got!!

    • elxroflife · December 11, 2013

      Hi Doug! It’s been a while! Thanks so much for sharing. As for breaking some more, go for it. Enjoy more freedom every time. Shamballa On!

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