To the collective ego running amok on our planet

And to whomever else it concerns and may serve. Notice the trend everywhere lately? How far are we going to allow the nazi agenda to infiltrate the human psyche? Are we, each of us, willing to address the inner nazi? The one that wants to shut up those who don’t subscribe to your preferred group think? This whole “freedom isn’t free”, or “freedom is hard” isn’t necessarily true.

Today I watched a lifestream video of Someone making sense. Mostly at least. Then I came across this. I wrote it eight years ago. May it continue the ripple effect to #EndFascismNow #RiseUp #LoveAllServeAll






Weasel medicine

Sign of the times: too many weasels in government everywhere. Yet, weasel totem as a teacher is powerful medicine indeed.   
“Someone may be using covert tactics to Weasel into the hen house… Perhaps you may be lying to yourself about something you know to be true. This can be a lie on any level, for instance, storming the refrigerator at 3:00am and telling yourself no one will miss the half-eaten portion of the pie. If you scratch someone else’s automobile in a parking lot, leave a note. Don’t slink away just because you can. Honesty to self and others is of the utmost importance.”

“Weasel upright observes all actions, feelings and situations with keen senses. In the contrary, those abilities of observation are dulled until confusion sets in. When you don’t know how you feel or what is occurring around you, doubt becomes the barrier to your progress. Then you may find a bit of paranoia seeping into your life.
If you want to right the situation, start by shaking the dullness out of your head and observing the obvious. No one can fool you if you watch your step, honor your knowing, seek the “hidden reasons,” and use discretion in the process.”


Retrograde reflections 

Mercury retrograde won’t fight back when we stop battling it. It is inviting us to reflect on our inner realms, to examine how our inner world affects the outer, and how we allow the outer world to affect our inner realms. It’s an excellent time for contemplation, especially in the areas of communication, and the quality of our thoughts 💚

Lots of retrograde activity currently taking place in our galaxy. Check it out.

Happy Earth Day, and consider making every day Earth Day 💙

Trigger the Love, and be gentle 💜

Retrograde reflections 

Mercury retrograde won’t fight back when you stop battling it. It is inviting us to reflect on our inner realms, to examine how our inner world affects the outer, and how we allow the outer world to affect our inner realms. It’s an excellent time for contemplation, especially in the areas of communication, and the quality of our thoughts 💚

Lots of retrograde activity currently taking place in our galaxy. Check it out.

Happy Earth Day, and consider making every day Earth Day 💙

Trigger the Love, and be gentle 💜

When the shift happens??? It’s happening now!

As an ascension and transformation coach, birth and rebirth doula I often hear the phrase: “when the shift happens…”

When the shift happens? It is happening now on a grand scale. Unless you are a master alchemist, transitions are anything but easy, and they are happening. So many falsehoods are being exposed when you know where to look. Unsustainable systems clearly are in self destruct mode. Anyone who has ever given birth naturally, knows that the point of transition is the most challenging. It is when most child baring women feel defeated, wanting to throw in the towel, and are at their breaking point, as they know there is no back peddling from here. This is when the birth canal is finally at full dilation. It is just before the ring of fire, and the crowning (usually the baby’s head emerges, the fontanelles pressed together like a giant, sometimes hairy prune). This is where we are now, rebirthing our Divine selves along with our Divine Mother Earth. Things are heating up, coming to a head, and new ways of being are birthed into reality now.

Generous lubrication is a gentle way of avoiding unnecessary and violent intervention. In actual physical birth olive oil is excellent for this purpose. Pure extra virgin olive oil too is clearly a form of Love dreamed into being.
What is most needed in every birth and rebirth, is to give and receive Love-ing support. To trust in our natural abilities. Lend or request a compassionate ear, encouragement to be gentle on ourselves, and via the breath keep our focus inward on that still, small, yet powerful, Divine voice within, while simultaneously keeping our focus on obvious signs of this great change we are collectively allowing to take place. It’s in our DNA, coined by John Trudell “Descendant Now Ancestor“. It powers every atom and subatom in every cell, prompts memory in our bones, connective tissue, every muscle and every breath.

As active co-creators, we don’t have to wait around for some ill advised and compromised, exhausted president to come to any realization, or for any doctor to give us authorization to allow or push forth the life force, which is our birth right. From the Divine Source of our being, known as benevolent, specific frequencies of Love without condition, we can trigger activation of these frequencies on all levels of being, in all actions and non-actions. These frequencies are available to all who allow it, dormant until they are activated, all in accordance with Divine Will.
When we align our thoughts and body thoughts (e-motion) with all of this, in complete surrender to who we are in essence, we are capable of birthing anything into being, in every now moment.

And suddenly the pressure subsides, and the miracle of new life emerges, both vulnerable and resilient. In our arms, on our bosoms and bellies rest our dreams manifest, now in physical form. To be Love(d), and nurtured into bringing forth new life, and new dreams manifest. In this new reality it is noteworthy to mention that the sooner we surrender to who we are in essence, the less challenging it is to move, and allow ourselves to jump through these shifts.

What dreams are you willing to bring to fruition now?

“Proud” vagina monologues at Women’s March 

Way to marginalize everything around already bickering men, women, and transgender peeps in America. Get people arguing about what is appropriate.

Marginalized is another overused loaded word these days. People are amazing.

Lots to learn for and from women. A vagina, or yoni isn’t necessarily proud. Yoni is sacred, resilient, vulnerable, yet powerful. At least that’s how I see it. As a doula I have seen quite a few, and yet that does not make me the expert. Let’s leave it in the eye of the beholder.

As for women bashing each other over their political ideologies, I am not a fan.

The Women’s March was about much more than vaginas or ideologies. I watched on live stream and heard many inspired women speak eloquently on a variety of subjects.
I heard women whose black sons were murdered by cops who shot first before asking questions.
I heard how rich African Americans are in Spirit and the Love they have for humanity, even though they have for many generations been exploited. They understand the exploitation has now widened to include pretty much the entire human race.
The Lakota Sioux women were very present too. They spoke eloquently over Standing Rock, Flint, and other locations in the US where water resources are under attack to be exploited as commodities. They were supported by their men, and many other men and women. Their chanted prayers were real, they are fearless, and they were heard.
A Muslim American woman spoke about what life has been like post 9-11 for her community. She was heard.
Same for a very spirited Jewish female Rabbi.
They shared a stage and took turns speaking, singing, drumming, chanting, and listening.

In those shared moments it didn’t seem to matter to them who was playing president. They knew whoever it was, and whoever it is now, is representing their particular brand of corporate sponsors, before any member of society.




Women’s March – Standing firmly grounded in Love

So today was a big day of movement for women and other “marginalized” peoples within America’s borders, documented or not.

I watched on live stream what went on in Washington DC (and pretty much every town in America), celebrating diversity, and being a woman in Spirit. I didn’t feel called to go, even though I was invited. And I do appreciate all who did show up to be present within the movement.

Call me whatever name comes to mind, as a woman, I wasn’t sure what the Women’s March was about. I am glad to see it is about different things, for different people. I am glad to see that for many women, and men who came out in droves too to support them, this goes well beyond who is playing president in the White House. They have felt excluded from “liberty and justice” for a long time. Some post 9-11, and others, especially Native Americans, and African Americans, much longer.

It was beautiful to see many African Americans stand and sing together. So obviously rich in Spirit, their voices strong and deep and beautiful.

I smiled and cried along with the women, and men and children, who stood together as One: Muslims, Jews, Native Americans, black, brown, red, yellow, white, and and on fire! Standing up for freedom in reproductive health, saying no to dehumanization, tyranny, and racism, and celebrating diversity. Ready to take on any and all predatory, oppressive energies and transform them.

Today I listened to many women of different creed and color, transgender too, the majority all rich in Spirit. Their voices diverse, some melodic, some shrill, some out of breath, all worth listening to. I learned so much just listening.

I am glad I stayed home to see that democracy isn’t dead. It’s been a long time coming, and it is here. I hadn’t seen true democracy in America yet. How could so few political parties, only two “established” represent so many different voices?

The take-aways from today’s movement:

The strongest, most powerful voices came from women able to reach, look and listen deep within, before reaching out.

The rise of consciousness comes with the release and transmutation of ego. In order to truly be able to listen, it is essential to look past ego, victim hood, ideology, and judgment, and meet the observed with compassion. It’s always possible to discern what resonates, and what doesn’t, still respecting where your fellow human being comes from. If you don’t have that respect, you haven’t looked past the ego.

Today I saw women who get this:

As for the ego. Give it the job it was meant to do. Take care of survival essentials. If it isn’t life threatening, tell it to back off.

If the “other person” isn’t able to look past ego, you don’t have to engage. And you can still have compassion for those who have so much, but never experienced true Love. Poor in Spirit.

Harmony isn’t just one voice. It is many individual voices in unison.

No matter who plays the role of POTUS, (or any other person of so called authority) preside over your own power.

Stand firmly grounded in the power of Love. Whatever comes, you have the power to discern what to accept, what to discard, what to share, and what to give up to the highest power for transmutation. This power doesn’t reside in the White House. It isn’t some guy in the sky. It comes from the Cosmic Heart of Creation. It is called many different names. Mother Father Source. Or Mother Father God. Prime Creator. Allah. Hashem. Adonai. Love. When you are able to observe the still small frequency of this voice within, you are in touch with this power, also known as I AM Presence. Your sovereign super power by birth right, deeply grounded in the Heart of Mother Earth. The more deeply we are grounded, the Higher and greater our reach.

And so we rise. Together. As individuals, and as One.

From this place I keep sending Love without condition, to all who are willing to welcome and receive it.

Indeed this is only the beginning. And we are in it together. What a ride!



Standing Rock: a call to continue to stand together

Snake Totem: Turning venom into medicine

Felt a wink from young Merlin, and a smile from the ancient one when I had finished writing this:

Check out this young Cherokee man, and his creative use of High Hawk Totem to help gain a sense of the Big Picture. Deep gratitude is owed to ALL water protectors coming together on this. So beautiful to see the human race come together as One Tribe, remembering what we all hold sacred. Beautiful to experience the protective presence of thousands of veterans alongside our people of the First Nations, many of whom have also served in military and police force. In a vision quest of my own (which continues in support of Standing Rock) I have seen, felt, imagined, chanted, called out and allowed for this to happen. Quite obviously I was – and am – far from alone in this.

While we have reason to celebrate, we maintain constant vigilance, and a strong Peaceful Loving Presence at Standing Rock. On to the next phase, as the next phase of the Black Snake is being planned in the formation of a few more heads where they do not belong. May we honor the Black Snake Totem: turning venom into medicine. In mastering this totem’s teachings, we can ensure the Black Snake is here to serve all, instead of just a few ♡

Merlin’s Cave – Tintagel

Vaccines work

“Hillary Clinton says Grandma knows best… Vaccines work”

~ Annette Kelly

Above public comment was placed below a live facebook video report during Andrew Wakefield’s visit to Florence, Italy. A perfect place to further the conversations the movie VaxXed has sparked.

This may well be an astroturf (paid fake grassroots) comment, but it presented a flashback moment of this video:

This represents a perfect learning moment. How scientific is official science? Do we hear Dr. Succhat provide any credible evidence, or references to scientific literature to back up her statements? Is her military attire supposed to enhance her “authority in the field” of “immunization”. There is plenty of evidence of auto immune dis-ease as a direct result of vaccination, especially within the military. Think anthrax vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome. Think how soldiers have been used as test subjects by subjecting them to all kinds of neurotoxins (DDT, Agent Orange) unnecessary medical interventions including vaccines, causing extensive and often still visible long-term harm.

So I had to respond. Not to blame the government, or the industry, but to point out the obvious: we each take part in the way we go about our lives, and in the way we see and do things. I am taking response-ability here: the ability to respond to my thoughts and emotions without shame or guilt, and with compassion for all involved. I invite each one who reads this to do the same, as we find ourselves in the midst of a major paradigm shift. Compassion means forgiving, without forgetting. It means allowing everyone to learn, and allowing appropriate consequences to flow forth from our individual and collective actions, and inactions.

Sharing my response to above “vaccines work” comment:

“Sure they do. To serve a genocidal agenda via a mandated chemically induced holocaust. Don’t take my word for it. Read any vaccine insert, look at several. Look for the presence of foreign DNA (animal or human cell lines from aborted fetal tissue). Go to article 13, and 13.1. Read and you will find that no vaccine has ever been tested for mutagenic (cancer causing) and carcinogenic (cancer causing) effects.
The grandmotherly advice of polished politicians and Dr. Ann Succhat (introduced by Elizabeth Warren as the top authority on “immunization”) in military attire, is reminiscent of a time where fascism and Nazis ran the show.

Question is, have we allowed that trend to continue behind the scenes, in much more subtle and subliminal ways? This “grandmotherly” advice you speak of, only brings comfort to those who have bought into years of clever marketing and propaganda, and who are unwittingly harming their own children. Many parents of vaccine injured children are only starting to realize this now. A growing number of medical professionals are waking up to this as well. #VaxXed is a brilliant way to keep the conversation of vaccine injuries going, and the corruption behind it. The more you look into actual science behind vaccine ideology, and the lack of science to prove efficacy and safety, the more the blinders are coming of. The industrial age, and the war mind set behind it, is coming apart by the seams.

#VaxXed is pro science, an unstoppable movement to forever change the perspective and course of medical science. To further the plight of humanity via the sharing of evidence, both scientific and testimonial, on a human level. A huge thank you is due, to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, and the ever growing team #VaxXed, which today also includes Sheila Ealey, once pro-vaccine Marcella Piper-Terry (award winning researcher, well on her way to become a CDC scientist when her 15-year-old daughter suffered a vaccine injury, and who then had to give up her planned career to spend years researching to help heal her daughter, as well as other vaccine injured ones) of vaxtruth.orgMarch Against Monsanto, and Dr. Suzanne Humphries.
Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into this most important work. Those who have a heart, do have the courage to listen. If anything, you have already proven as much!”

Call from the wild

​We are calling the Grandmothers,

Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Daughters

The wild women

The crones

The seers and midwives

The mountain and desert women

The soul summoners

The water carriers

The tenders and feelers of Earth

The ocean women who are rising the tide

The fire women who are ready to roar

The girls who already breathe consciously with the trees

and the Elders who choose to sing the song that ends the desecration of our world –

We are calling you to to rise together now –

You are invited – to unite and awaken

to who and what you really are,

on behalf of the forests, on behalf of the trees,

on behalf of Life.

~ Clare Dubois
We invite you to join Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters in an intimate and catalytic conversation with Chameli Ardagh, founder of Awakening Women Institute. This interview marks the launch of a very special series of conversations with pioneers of feminine leadership….
~ The TreeSisters Feminine Awakening Series ~

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WHEN: now through Thursday, October 20
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Chameli Ardagh, founder of Awakening Women Institute

Tue, Sept 27
Nina Simons, co-founder and co-CEO of Bioneers

Sat, Oct 1
Osprey Orielle Lake, Executive Director of the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network

Thu, Oct 6
Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues and founder of

Sat, Oct 8 
Rachel Bagby, award-winning performance artist, author, poet, composer, and vocalist

Tue, Oct 11
Atossa Soltani, Founder & Board President of Amazon Watch

Wed, Oct 12
Barbara Marx Hubbard, futurist, author and public speaker

Patricia Ellsberg, spiritual teacher and coach

Sat, Oct 15
Natalie Isaacs – Founder of One Million Women

Tue, Oct 18
Closing Celebration

Thu, Oct 20
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