When the shift happens??? It’s happening now!

As an ascension and transformation coach, birth and rebirth doula I often hear the phrase: “when the shift happens…”

When the shift happens? It is happening now on a grand scale. Unless you are a master alchemist, transitions are anything but easy, and they are happening. So many falsehoods are being exposed when you know where to look. Unsustainable systems clearly are in self destruct mode. Anyone who has ever given birth naturally, knows that the point of transition is the most challenging. It is when most child baring women feel defeated, wanting to throw in the towel, and are at their breaking point, as they know there is no back peddling from here. This is when the birth canal is finally at full dilation. It is just before the ring of fire, and the crowning (usually the baby’s head emerges, the fontanelles pressed together like a giant, sometimes hairy prune). This is where we are now, rebirthing our Divine selves along with our Divine Mother Earth. Things are heating up, coming to a head, and new ways of being are birthed into reality now.

Generous lubrication is a gentle way of avoiding unnecessary and violent intervention. In actual physical birth olive oil is excellent for this purpose. Pure extra virgin olive oil too is clearly a form of Love dreamed into being.
What is most needed in every birth and rebirth, is to give and receive Love-ing support. To trust in our natural abilities. Lend or request a compassionate ear, encouragement to be gentle on ourselves, and via the breath keep our focus inward on that still, small, yet powerful, Divine voice within, while simultaneously keeping our focus on obvious signs of this great change we are collectively allowing to take place. It’s in our DNA, coined by John Trudell “Descendant Now Ancestor“. It powers every atom and subatom in every cell, prompts memory in our bones, connective tissue, every muscle and every breath.

As active co-creators, we don’t have to wait around for some ill advised and compromised, exhausted president to come to any realization, or for any doctor to give us authorization to allow or push forth the life force, which is our birth right. From the Divine Source of our being, known as benevolent, specific frequencies of Love without condition, we can trigger activation of these frequencies on all levels of being, in all actions and non-actions. These frequencies are available to all who allow it, dormant until they are activated, all in accordance with Divine Will.
When we align our thoughts and body thoughts (e-motion) with all of this, in complete surrender to who we are in essence, we are capable of birthing anything into being, in every now moment.

And suddenly the pressure subsides, and the miracle of new life emerges, both vulnerable and resilient. In our arms, on our bosoms and bellies rest our dreams manifest, now in physical form. To be Love(d), and nurtured into bringing forth new life, and new dreams manifest. In this new reality it is noteworthy to mention that the sooner we surrender to who we are in essence, the less challenging it is to move, and allow ourselves to jump through these shifts.

What dreams are you willing to bring to fruition now?


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