“Proud” vagina monologues at Women’s March 

Way to marginalize everything around already bickering men, women, and transgender peeps in America. Get people arguing about what is appropriate.

Marginalized is another overused loaded word these days. People are amazing.

Lots to learn for and from women. A vagina, or yoni isn’t necessarily proud. Yoni is sacred, resilient, vulnerable, yet powerful. At least that’s how I see it. As a doula I have seen quite a few, and yet that does not make me the expert. Let’s leave it in the eye of the beholder.

As for women bashing each other over their political ideologies, I am not a fan.

The Women’s March was about much more than vaginas or ideologies. I watched on live stream and heard many inspired women speak eloquently on a variety of subjects.
I heard women whose black sons were murdered by cops who shot first before asking questions.
I heard how rich African Americans are in Spirit and the Love they have for humanity, even though they have for many generations been exploited. They understand the exploitation has now widened to include pretty much the entire human race.
The Lakota Sioux women were very present too. They spoke eloquently over Standing Rock, Flint, and other locations in the US where water resources are under attack to be exploited as commodities. They were supported by their men, and many other men and women. Their chanted prayers were real, they are fearless, and they were heard.
A Muslim American woman spoke about what life has been like post 9-11 for her community. She was heard.
Same for a very spirited Jewish female Rabbi.
They shared a stage and took turns speaking, singing, drumming, chanting, and listening.

In those shared moments it didn’t seem to matter to them who was playing president. They knew whoever it was, and whoever it is now, is representing their particular brand of corporate sponsors, before any member of society.





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