Women’s March – Standing firmly grounded in Love

So today was a big day of movement for women and other “marginalized” peoples within America’s borders, documented or not.

I watched on live stream what went on in Washington DC (and pretty much every town in America), celebrating diversity, and being a woman in Spirit. I didn’t feel called to go, even though I was invited. And I do appreciate all who did show up to be present within the movement.

Call me whatever name comes to mind, as a woman, I wasn’t sure what the Women’s March was about. I am glad to see it is about different things, for different people. I am glad to see that for many women, and men who came out in droves too to support them, this goes well beyond who is playing president in the White House. They have felt excluded from “liberty and justice” for a long time. Some post 9-11, and others, especially Native Americans, and African Americans, much longer.

It was beautiful to see many African Americans stand and sing together. So obviously rich in Spirit, their voices strong and deep and beautiful.

I smiled and cried along with the women, and men and children, who stood together as One: Muslims, Jews, Native Americans, black, brown, red, yellow, white, and and on fire! Standing up for freedom in reproductive health, saying no to dehumanization, tyranny, and racism, and celebrating diversity. Ready to take on any and all predatory, oppressive energies and transform them.

Today I listened to many women of different creed and color, transgender too, the majority all rich in Spirit. Their voices diverse, some melodic, some shrill, some out of breath, all worth listening to. I learned so much just listening.

I am glad I stayed home to see that democracy isn’t dead. It’s been a long time coming, and it is here. I hadn’t seen true democracy in America yet. How could so few political parties, only two “established” represent so many different voices?

The take-aways from today’s movement:

The strongest, most powerful voices came from women able to reach, look and listen deep within, before reaching out.

The rise of consciousness comes with the release and transmutation of ego. In order to truly be able to listen, it is essential to look past ego, victim hood, ideology, and judgment, and meet the observed with compassion. It’s always possible to discern what resonates, and what doesn’t, still respecting where your fellow human being comes from. If you don’t have that respect, you haven’t looked past the ego.

Today I saw women who get this:

As for the ego. Give it the job it was meant to do. Take care of survival essentials. If it isn’t life threatening, tell it to back off.

If the “other person” isn’t able to look past ego, you don’t have to engage. And you can still have compassion for those who have so much, but never experienced true Love. Poor in Spirit.

Harmony isn’t just one voice. It is many individual voices in unison.

No matter who plays the role of POTUS, (or any other person of so called authority) preside over your own power.

Stand firmly grounded in the power of Love. Whatever comes, you have the power to discern what to accept, what to discard, what to share, and what to give up to the highest power for transmutation. This power doesn’t reside in the White House. It isn’t some guy in the sky. It comes from the Cosmic Heart of Creation. It is called many different names. Mother Father Source. Or Mother Father God. Prime Creator. Allah. Hashem. Adonai. Love. When you are able to observe the still small frequency of this voice within, you are in touch with this power, also known as I AM Presence. Your sovereign super power by birth right, deeply grounded in the Heart of Mother Earth. The more deeply we are grounded, the Higher and greater our reach.

And so we rise. Together. As individuals, and as One.

From this place I keep sending Love without condition, to all who are willing to welcome and receive it.

Indeed this is only the beginning. And we are in it together. What a ride!




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