Vaccines work

“Hillary Clinton says Grandma knows best… Vaccines work”

~ Annette Kelly

Above public comment was placed below a live facebook video report during Andrew Wakefield’s visit to Florence, Italy. A perfect place to further the conversations the movie VaxXed has sparked.

This may well be an astroturf (paid fake grassroots) comment, but it presented a flashback moment of this video:

This represents a perfect learning moment. How scientific is official science? Do we hear Dr. Succhat provide any credible evidence, or references to scientific literature to back up her statements? Is her military attire supposed to enhance her “authority in the field” of “immunization”. There is plenty of evidence of auto immune dis-ease as a direct result of vaccination, especially within the military. Think anthrax vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome. Think how soldiers have been used as test subjects by subjecting them to all kinds of neurotoxins (DDT, Agent Orange) unnecessary medical interventions including vaccines, causing extensive and often still visible long-term harm.

So I had to respond. Not to blame the government, or the industry, but to point out the obvious: we each take part in the way we go about our lives, and in the way we see and do things. I am taking response-ability here: the ability to respond to my thoughts and emotions without shame or guilt, and with compassion for all involved. I invite each one who reads this to do the same, as we find ourselves in the midst of a major paradigm shift. Compassion means forgiving, without forgetting. It means allowing everyone to learn, and allowing appropriate consequences to flow forth from our individual and collective actions, and inactions.

Sharing my response to above “vaccines work” comment:

“Sure they do. To serve a genocidal agenda via a mandated chemically induced holocaust. Don’t take my word for it. Read any vaccine insert, look at several. Look for the presence of foreign DNA (animal or human cell lines from aborted fetal tissue). Go to article 13, and 13.1. Read and you will find that no vaccine has ever been tested for mutagenic (cancer causing) and carcinogenic (cancer causing) effects.
The grandmotherly advice of polished politicians and Dr. Ann Succhat (introduced by Elizabeth Warren as the top authority on “immunization”) in military attire, is reminiscent of a time where fascism and Nazis ran the show.

Question is, have we allowed that trend to continue behind the scenes, in much more subtle and subliminal ways? This “grandmotherly” advice you speak of, only brings comfort to those who have bought into years of clever marketing and propaganda, and who are unwittingly harming their own children. Many parents of vaccine injured children are only starting to realize this now. A growing number of medical professionals are waking up to this as well. #VaxXed is a brilliant way to keep the conversation of vaccine injuries going, and the corruption behind it. The more you look into actual science behind vaccine ideology, and the lack of science to prove efficacy and safety, the more the blinders are coming of. The industrial age, and the war mind set behind it, is coming apart by the seams.

#VaxXed is pro science, an unstoppable movement to forever change the perspective and course of medical science. To further the plight of humanity via the sharing of evidence, both scientific and testimonial, on a human level. A huge thank you is due, to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, and the ever growing team #VaxXed, which today also includes Sheila Ealey, once pro-vaccine Marcella Piper-Terry (award winning researcher, well on her way to become a CDC scientist when her 15-year-old daughter suffered a vaccine injury, and who then had to give up her planned career to spend years researching to help heal her daughter, as well as other vaccine injured ones) of vaxtruth.orgMarch Against Monsanto, and Dr. Suzanne Humphries.
Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into this most important work. Those who have a heart, do have the courage to listen. If anything, you have already proven as much!”

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