The great lie

In light of so many hanging on to a most unsustainable system that trains them to hate on each other, only offering the illusion of choice between two (lesser in the eyes of some – pending who you ask – creating more of a divide) “evils”, here is a perspective to ponder.

“This is about a perceptional reality here. I come from a tribe. And whatever has been going on in my evolutionary journey, I still remember that. I’m confused about a lot of things but I remember that. I remember that when I was born, I, [there’s] never been a question about the memory.


See, so I feel a kinship to those ancestors and what they saw and what they tried to stand up against. I feel more of a kinship to them than I do to be a lap dog to this system and promote its lie. [applause] Alright, because I think it’s irresponsible.

And I think that when people are afraid to think … – and when people are afraid to think about what needs to be thought about, that’s the danger of the lie. Casualty of war, afraid to think.”

~ John Trudell, Lakota Activist, Poet 



Posted earlier on Facebook, and then received feedback that “this post is no longer available, or it has been removed”. Well now, we’re on to something then.


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