Holding two opposing thoughts in balance


In light of recent recurring violent incidents that are blasted over media everywhere, what to do? My heart goes out to all affected and all I can think to do is just continue to send Love everywhere to anyone, for as long as it is welcome and received. Corruption is everywhere, and instead of having an opinion about everyone else, I prefer to go and see where my thinking or actions are corrupted, so I can do something about it.


This morning I spoke to a NYC cop. Within seconds I found in him a kindred spirit. Effortlessly we connected on the heart level. He talked about how education, business and administrative systems are increasingly dehumanizing, and how the ability to hold two opposing thoughts, finding balance in it, is no longer being taught.
I asked him what he thought about Dallas. His words: false flag. He expressed his frustration at the extreme polarity in the gun control conversation. As if we couldn’t somehow find a middle way.

He says he feels voting is something he does out of obligation toward a social contract, and that this year the record will show neither candidate is representing his view. He feels today’s candidates represent a fake paradigm.

I shared with him how grateful I am to find real and intelligent human beings like him in “the force”, at military, police, and administrative levels, and the conversation turned to how there are so called moles working on many levels, preventing many calamities.
I asked him if he too is among the many who are secretly wishing for a coup d’état by and for the people. He smiled, and said “Yes, a peaceful one, without weapons or any kind of violence!”

He talked about how compassion  is most important, and how activism means very little, unless you are actively engaged being the change you wish to see.
Thank you – you know who you are. Keep that flame burning brightly. Very inspiriting. Love is easy. It makes it possible to hold a balance with two opposing thoughts. Let compassion rule. Everything seems to be coming to a head. It’s all there for us to work on, collectively and individually. Allow Love within to dissolve the old war mindset. Be in control of your thoughts and emotions, and give the fake rulers a run for their money. The pursuit of happiness is an inside job ❤

Love is easy


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