Celebrating independent thought 

Celebrating independent thought. Let this sink in for a moment. What does it mean to think on your own two feet? Yes we are all part of a greater whole AS WELL as individuals. When faced with choices that can affect you personally, more so then as a group, the consequences all yours, will you allow yourself the birth right of independent thought and choice?


  1. When group-think is motivated by corrupted, greed inspired mind-set, and former director of the NIH is speaking out on her dismay over leaving out susceptible groups in vaccine “safety” studies;
  2. When RFK Jr calls Frank DeStefano out on his criminal activities at the CDC by deliberately deceiving the public, when he ordered the destruction of data that showed a significant increase in autism risk in African American children given MMR vaccine between 0 to 36 mos;
  3. When Rep. Bill Posey has presented evidence and asked for a congressional hearing on said crimes against humanity;
  4. When aside from a few brave journalists who stay true to themselves and their purpose, media remains quiet on this subject, except for a few rehearsed words of denial;
  5. When Robert DeNiro shares his disappointment on the removal of the movie #VaxXed from the Tribeca Film Festival, AND encourages EVERYONE to see this movie because, let’s face it, “there is something” withheld from public knowledge;
  6. When we get to see true colors in how mayors of different cities either welcome or halt the showing of #VaxXed AND there is no stopping the showing of this movie anyway, if anything it draws more people who wish to see what is being withheld from their knowledge;
  7. When a group of attorneys from all over the US travel to California in support of attorneys there to file suit against the State of California for the unlawful implementation of SB277, a bill that removes all reasonably obtainable exemption rights, and was introduced while a congressional hearing is pending on corruption within CDC, the very agency in charge of recommendation of the vaccine schedule in every state, AND turning California into a medical police state, SB277NOW.COM ;
  8. When two scientists who are ex employees of Merck have an ongoing law suit against Merck for ordering them to falsify test results on the Rubella portion of the same MMR vaccine that keeps maiming and taking lives of children;
  9. When another former Merck employee, Brandy Vaughan, speaks out on her outrage on how she observed an internal memo sent around within Merck, to drive the point home that the aggressive campaign for Gardasil, the infamous “HPV vaccine” was to make up for the Vioxx fiasco, in other words Help Pay for Vioxx;
  10. While another scientist who was involved in research and development of Gardasil for Merck, Dr. Diane Harper, expresses concern for this vaccine on more then one occasion, while the aggressive lobby for this same vaccine is pushing it relentlessly, in spite of thousands of reported serious adverse events including seizures, chronic fatigue, chronic illness, nerve and muscle pains, paralysis, and death, just like was observed in its trial period;
  11. While countries like Japan, France, and Spain have taken the HPV vaccine off their schedule, AND filed suit against Merck for criminal negligence, among other things;
  12. When an ever growing group of scientists and medical professionals are brave enough to take a stand against the pseudo science the industry  hides behind, and the bribery and threats that take place behind the scenes, in a desperate attempt to continue their stronghold in public opinion on vaccine ideology;
  13. When you are brave enough to read works of Suzanne Humphries, MD, Russell Blaylock, MD, Andrew Wakefield, MD, (to name a few) against so called “popular opinion” because you have read the vaccine manufacturers inserts and compared vaccine ingredients with the MSDS (material safety data sheet) and see there are known neurotoxins in many vaccines AND these brave doctors share links to pub med and other peer reviewed literature to back up their findings which question efficacy and safety of MMR AND other vaccines;
  14. When you see the sickest generation of children (asthma, auto-immune disorders, cancer, severe nut, egg and/or dairy allergies, learning and other mental and/or physical disabilities,)   any nation has ever seen, paired with a most insanely bloated vaccine schedule that has NEVER been tested;
  15. When you have CDC admit there was never a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, placebo controlled study on ANY vaccine, in spite of a large enough unvaccinated group;
  16. When you observe it’s not just MMR or HPV, AND not just autism, and that staying silent makes you complicit in the killing and maiming of children and adults, AND the exploitation of human beings to serve as test subjects without informed consent of themselves or their parents or legal guardian;
  17. When you know vaccine mandates go against the Nuremberg Code of Ethics any self respecting healthcare provider or agency claims to abide by;
  18. When you begin to understand science by definition is NEVER settled AND the entire vaccine industry enjoys complete protection from liability by government;

Independent thought – and intuition – becomes increasingly necessary.

#BeBrave #ParentsDoTheWork #VaccineInjuriesHappen #GetOffTheBus #VaxXed #GoSeeIt


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