Happy V Day Everyone ♡

“No I didn’t come from your rib, you came from my vagina”. This video was part of a group text I received today, the one day this “great nation” on this North American continent has dedicated to Love. It is great that at least one day there is a focus on love. May it serve as a reminder that we all have the option to let Love shine through in all of our actions any day. Let that be my aim here.

I love the woman who sent the video, and I agree with much of it. The feminist movement is obviously here to stay as long as needed, and I support most of it. Planned parenthood has served many by providing birth control options, and abortions. Does that mean they have a free pass to break codes of ethics, and be a portal for the sale of fetal parts and tissue to the bio chemical industry under the broad and vague sounding term of “medical” research?

Thanks to Planned Parenthood and likely many hospitals too, we now find fetal tissue used for flavor enhancement in sodas, and who knows where else. We find it in quite a few vaccines (listed as human diploid cells or cell lines), while the manufacturer’s insert contains the disclaimer in section 13.1 that it has never been tested for mutagenic (cancer causing) or carcinogenic (cancer causing) effects. GMO foods, GMO babies. Cannibalism. What’s next?

The two party system here is quickly getting old with presidential candidates you can take or leave without making much of a difference, and the double think it creates easily deflects from the real issues in dire need of revision.

Has any woman who agreed to have an abortion ever signed an agreement to have the contents of her womb be made available for human consumption? Isn’t that a violation of human rights, let alone women’s rights? Has any parent ever been advised on what is truly being injected into their babies by vaccine endorsers and administrators? Does any food label truly list all ingredients?

Isn’t it time we have a committee on ethics sit down with Planned Parenthood, and all providers of abortion? Let’s not stop here, and invite the FDA and the CDC in on this discussion. Perhaps we should have the discussion overseas, to broaden the perspective and loose the blinders, in… say… Nuremberg, Germany, where an international code of ethics has already been created and documented. Yes, let’s have the feminist perspective represented in that committee too, as well as letting Love be our guide here.

Happy V-Day everyone! As a woman, I claim the last word on everything, before it enters my vagina and after it leaves my womb. And in the case of it growing into a human being, I vow to listen to it’s developing voice, and represent it to the best of my abilities until it has matured enough. I hereby command that it is respected.


Image by Stiaan van der Merwe, taken in Namibia, known as the sacral chakra of Africa


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