Televised interview on Give & Take with Cicely G

Imagine your client invites you to be a guest on her show. Her televised show. Well it happened to me, and I can tell you I could think of many things I would much rather do, then to be exposed in such a way. Yet, I felt strongly guided to go with it. A few days before taping I dreamed I visited my mom in my hometown. I was naked, and completely comfortable in my skin (must have been some other climate, lol). Long story short: the message in the dream was about exposure being part of the job, and simply allowing it. Being of service to a greater audience is obviously something worth pursuing, and I am very grateful to Cicely and all the teams involved, for everything! Cicely, you and your wonderful team actually made it easy. For your vision, for your loving and supportive presence, I thank you!

As it turns out, the Give & Take shows are vetted by the Oprah team for potential guests on one of her shows. In any case, the YouTube is here. Check out some of the other YouTubes of Give & Take. All together a group of fine people, making a difference.

Even though it took only 10 days to release the acid and pent up energies that created it, the work is ongoing. Observing thoughts, body thoughts and how I relate to everything. Releasing and transmuting what doesn’t serve. Ongoing as overly patriarchal, unsustainable structures all around us are in self destruct mode. Ongoing. Please share if you are touched in some way.


Nell ♡

PS: Will update as soon as I receive word on when it is broadcast on tv, and on which channels.


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