Autumn’s Beauty


The beauty of Autumn always comes as a surprise.
At first I am nostalgic, wanting to hold on to Summer heat for as long as I can.
Then there is the gift of Indian Summer, warmer days, cooler nights, followed by the crisper, invigorating Autumn air, and subsequent cooler days. Colors changing, first subtle, growing more and more bold and vibrant.

The harvest we enjoy from seeds and seedlings planted.

The incredible joy in seeing the colors at their peak, and the nostalgia at seeing the first tree letting go rapidly of all of it’s leaves.

And lastly the reverence I feel at the hypnotic display of color, framing the trees, and finally forming a giant carpet. Looking more closely into that carpet, it is teeming with bugs and worms, birds picking at it too. Animals scurrying about, gathering, preparing for what is to come, migrating, answering to the call of the wild. All working in harmony with the ancient, intelligent and eloquent ways of Mother Nature. Lady Gaia. Mama Tierra – Mother Earth. She – as an aspect of my being – commends a sweet surrender into accepting with reverence, the cycle of all life forms. I – as an aspect of her being – surrender, accept and embrace it ALL.


Mama Tierra – Lyrics, English translation


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