To all my friends who stand by Planned Parenthood – Tough questions, someone has to ask them

This is a touchy subject, and please hear me out first. So sorry to be raining on this parade. I so wish I could simply support a woman’s choice (and I do) and just leave it at that. Sadly there is something more sinister going on, which makes me almost get nostalgic at the thought of back alley abortions, in my view of course performed by skilled midwives. As we have been told by our mothers, “back in the day” (of back alley abortions and shotgun weddings) most men and women were not trained to know very much about sex education, choices in how and where to go and have an abortion let alone how to prevent one.

til death do us part

Found this looking for an appropriate “shotgun wedding” pic.

Still today, the many varieties of orgasm possibilities in women and men are not really addressed in clinical settings. And why not? The world would certainly be a more loving and love making place. Then again, we may be having too much fun, and not need any anti-anxiety drugs or anti-depressants. Thankfully there are other more warm and nurturing settings where one may get a clue, and get educated on Tantra and Taoism. Anyway, after catching up on the Planned Parenthood goings on, the mood is as far from orgasmic states as having an afternoon run (which will likely never happen as I prefer walking, hiking and swimming).

The You Tube posted all over facebook on standing by Planned Parenthood is a nice piece of propaganda. Let’s share a few facts. Yes, Planned Parenthood has for many years now been a step up from poorly executed back alley abortions, but at what cost?

There clearly is a need for an investigation into ethics around PP”s alleged profiteering from it’s participation in the altering of the human genome.

Is it ethical for a woman to have her aborted fetus taken toward a eugenics program without her knowledge or consent? Yes there are reports of consent, but that hardly counts, as these women were not informed on the type of research their aborted “tissue” would be “donated” to.

Is it ethical to have late term abortions, just because there is a chance of congenital birth defect?

Is it ethical to abort babies from their mothers who are under “conscious” sedation (as in date rape) while the doctor is commissioned to get their cervix dilated enough to harvest 20 week old fetuses as intact as possible so it all can be sold to the highest bidder?

Is it ethical for human beings to participate in the creation of GMO humans without their knowledge or consent?

Is it ethical for young girls to be coerced into taking contraceptives that will make them skip their monthly bleeding entirely, and risk becoming infertile or becoming a cancer victim later on in life?

Is it ethical that PP recommends Gardasil in spite of reports of serious adverse events that include brain damage, death and infertility?

Is it ethical for PP and its partners in crime to participate in the human genome project, to edit out certain racial traits, sexual preferences, reproductive ability, etc, under the guise of “curing and preventing disease”)?

How does Novogenix sound to you as a Planned Parenthood regular?


Source: (for a humorous look into a potential stuck-in-3D nightmare)

Personally I would love to see a reform within PP, and to that effect all these questions deserve to be looked into, and answered.

So no, it is not only right wing religious anti-abortion zealots that are asking for an investigation into ethics within PP and its affiliates.

Some of us are free agents, who choose to live in freedom from religious doctrine, and still have respect for all life forms, for the laws of nature and the natural order of things. Some of us have learned to work within the Divine Seed Blueprint of Creation, and even have access to working with our 12 strand DNA. Our perspective includes and also reaches beyond the workings of 3D physical existence. From here there is no need for any violent physical manipulation or control games. Would I show it to you? Sure, I am happy to oblige by request.


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