Love Is Contagious – There Is No Cure

As cat fights continue on social media and human rights are violated left and right here in the “Land of the Free”, ills of society so much in our faces, it’s easy to get side tracked from what is real anymore. More then once have I pondered over the parallels between the icicles that have draped the gutters of homes and buildings all over too much of the American landscape, and the chilling political landscape that is so obviously showing signs of a systemic inflammatory response syndrome.

This morning I had to deal with car insurance matters, and naturally it cheered me none. New company, new policy. The list of “required” proof of this and that was beyond anything I had ever seen before. So I get pissed. I rant. I put in a call to the insurance broker, and leave a message. And afterwards I go on, muttering under my breath: “A marriage license?! Got a marriage certificate. And 20+ years of marriage. You’ve got to be kidding me! I don’t believe a license is required here, nor do I believe any other of these rules apply for that matter. That’s just something I was born with. So after a few more choice words I give it a rest.


Looking for a distraction from the distraction from my natural state, there are always friends right at my finger tips.

A few interactions with friends and clients (in the business of empowerment it is perfectly appropriate to mix the two) from Ithaca, on Facebook,
the mood shifts into one of absolute joy. This is one of those triggers.

Just my kind of medicine. I let my friends know just how much I love them, thanking them for making my day. Once the mood changes, everything changes.

And then Jeremy from the insurance brokerage returns my call. I couldn’t help but laugh about the absurdity of what the insurance company was asking. Guess what?! Jeremy agrees and tells me “Not to worry. I’ll call them and have all that waived. All I need is the NY State required e-site insurance inspection report.”

One big smile erupts. “Awesome Jeremy! Thanks so much! I’m just about to scan in that report to send it to you.”

“Great. If you don’t hear from me you’re all set.”

Picture me doing a victory dance here.

Jeremy was kind enough to send an email to confirm that, yes, I am all set without shenanigans.

So to you, reading this, I like to say thank you. Keep sharing what is going on. Share how you are coping in these crazy times. Remember: be the change. When the going gets tough, don’t hold back, shake off everything that is not soul to get back in touch with what matters to you. Let nothing and no one take away your power to be who you are ♡



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