My friends are fighting again…

friends fighting again

In response to ongoing bickering about measles outbreaks and the controversial MMR vaccine:

Anyone who would bother to read vaccine inserts would know that the MMR vaccine itself can cause measles, and encephalitis, among other things. ( ) Measles outbreaks have occurred in populations with a 99% or higher vaccination rate. ( and…/why-china-having-measles-outb… ) How? Vaccinated ones shedding virus.

Does anyone among the believers in vaccine science ever stop to think why so many booster shots?

Because the initial antibodies from the shots eventually disappear. Scientists have discovered (and published) in peer reviewed studies that the presence of antibodies does not always equal immunity.

Do you know what guarantees lifetime immunity from measles? Actually getting the measles. Perhaps the measles outbreaks among those who are vaccinated have happened because of nature’s way of correcting itself. In order for everyone to thrive we all need adequate nutrition and a working immune system.

Thanks to my pediatrician I am very educated on this issue. He empowered many parents, and continues to do so, by providing science and statistics based info, not only about vaccine myths, but also about what you can do to support, develop and maintain a healthy immune system. He is part of a growing group of medical professionals and scientists who are concerned about vaccine safety and efficacy. His motto: quell the confusion, file away the fear. He is not anti vaccine, he is just not for them while their efficacy and safety are debatable. I have continued to research vaccines, starting well before google was around.

The industry has done a fine job of causing a riff between those who choose alternative methods of health care and those who follow the mainstream.

This was done by bringing up herd immunity. Thing is, herd immunity does not work by trying to prevent disease via vaccination. Scientists actually agree that lifetime immunity from measles only occurs among those who had measles. I can tell you from personal experience that I had the measles as a child, as did my siblings, most of my cousins and friends at the time. My siblings and I had a mild case, because my mother had lifetime immunity from when she had measles as a child, and because she breastfed all of us. Personally I have never known or met anyone who suffered complications from getting measles. The same cannot be said about MMR vaccine injured children, sadly.

As long as clever marketing tactics like putting blame on the unvaccinated for measles outbreaks persist, and people continue to fall into the trap of being pitched against each other, the industry can pursue their business as usual.

Over 50,000 parents of vaccine injured children have put out 850,000,000 tweets with memes regarding the CDC whistle blower William Thompson who admitted to being part of committing research fraud. This involved covering up the fact that African American boys were shown 236% more at risk for autism when vaccinated with MMR prior to 36 months, in a 2004 study. Autism, a/k/a the condition following vaccine injury resulting in encephalitis (see vaccine insert).

CDC and mainstream media, (owned by the Murdock family of businesses, who have members sitting on board of directors with Merck and GSK, and incidentally also own Elsevier, publisher of the British Medical Journal – only the tip of the iceberg) are doing an excellent job of continuing to cover up facts.

It leaves parents like us to ponder why these groups of concerned parents do not also want to insist vaccine makers conduct more research, and stop fast tracking vaccines which cause more injury then currently the measles in developed countries. Don’t parents want safer vaccines that work? Vaccine makers have plenty of revenue to conduct more research ($40 billion annually). Clearly over vaccination is not working. If it did, no one would be bickering on the issue of whether or not to fear the measles, or whether or not people should be forced to vaccinate. Everyone would be lining up to get vaccinated. Those 50,000+ tweeting parents once were believers in the “miracle of modern medicine”, until they discovered a one size fits all approach did not at all work for them or their kids. Many of these parents and their kids are living a constant nightmare they don’t wish on anyone. This is precisely why they continue to speak up, triggering this media circus aimed at pitching vaccinating and non-vaccinating parents against each other, to distract us from the main issue at hand here: vaccine failure.


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