World Peace – Is a Choice

war is over

Have you noticed how many are still talking of a coming war today? As if the war against humanity hasn’t been raging for a very long time?
War is not coming to our planet, it just hasn’t quite left yet. War is fed by unconsciousness. So consciousness is the antidote. To that effect many have risen, and continue to rise to the occasion to make the unconscious conscious.
In order to make the unconscious conscious, it is important to be in touch with ourselves. What is going on inside? Insider info is the most powerful of all. It shows us who we are, and what we are here for. What we do with this insider information has everything to do with intention: Focused Intention. Know your own, and when your intention is to align with World Peace you can live it every day. From here on there no longer is a need to buy into any World War, whatever number. By knowing what is going on inside, you can decode any message. At the very least you are able to know whether or not it resonates with who you are and what you are here for.

As John Lennon said:

War Is Over – If You Want It –

War Is Over – Now

These words continue to resonate and live on in many. In an effort to silence him, John Lennon was assassinated for being a threat to those in government who profit from the insane mentality of war.

John taught us – and these teachings continue – that true intelligence comes from Love.

John Lennon may no longer be here in the physical form we used to identify him with, and yet his essence lives on in millions of human beings as ONE tribe.

This essence comes from a tribe of Light beings, ironically called the Tribe of Israel, and has been around many light years before the country by the same beautiful name was ever established.

John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were from this same tribe. Nelson Mandela too. So was Yitzak Rabin, Israeli Statesman who embraced the Israel – Palestine Peace Process, and was assassinated for it. Another member of this tribe was Eqbal Ahmad, political scientist and peace activist, who brought wisdom and integrity to oppressed peoples.
Their essence LIVES ON. It lives on within many of us, people of every imaginable creed and color, each of us rekindling the ever expanding eternal flame of peace within ourselves, triggering many more all around us to do and be the same, just by being who we are.

World Peace – Is A Choice.




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