2015 – A Universal 8 Year

2015 is here, and so are we! Happy New Year! What a ride we are on, and thank you for being with me on it! 2014 was a very introspective and intense year with much learning. I am grateful for all of it, including the challenges, and especially the support I have found going through them! Yes, we can move through challenges with as much support as we allow, on as many levels as we allow.

The last weeks of 2014 I started to notice number 8 showing up, and embracing it’s energy. Just realized today that 2015 is a universal 8 year. Pondering on that I found an interpretation I resonate with on quite a few levels, but not everything. http://omtimes.com/2014/12/8-universal-year/ As for the “Ebola crisis“, there was foul play involved in attempting to spread it, and it was unsuccessful with people who have access to adequate sanitary conditions and nutrition. Every crisis presents an opportunity to grow, learn, transform, transmute. It is hard to watch others suffer, especially when it is only due to improper sharing of resources. And yet it was necessary to see it for those of us, who are willing to open our hearts and minds, stick our necks out and do something about it! This is the year where humanitarian services have more opportunity to succeed in sharing information, access to services, clean water, energy, etc. I am thankful to each and everyone who contributes whatever you can to be of service to our planet and all its life forms. As part of humanity we are being asked to each do our part or face extinction.

8 is a number that resonates with personal empowerment. With infinity, perfection, harmony, balance, Christ Consciousness (meaning we are each an expression of Divine Source). True power resonates with the Life Force. It comes from the Divine Seed Blueprint of Creation. From intelligence. From Love. External programming can interfere with this. Once you learn how to release this programming, there is no longer a need to play control games or guilt trips. Once you choose your own programming and experience the power of self control, and freedom from fear, it becomes unattractive to impose control, judgment and guilt trips on others, as it would only set you back. Why? Because what we do to others, we are (collectively) doing to ourselves. This much I learned (and quite a bit the hard way) until I found tools of courage and compassion. I also continue to learn to recognize the importance of free will. This means trusting and allowing others to learn and find their own way, as we each may resonate on different levels. How else do we avoid fundamentalism, and achieve harmony and balance? Drum beats do resonate on the heart level, and different patterns altogether can create beautiful harmonies.

As for the predictions and projections I have seen in social media, some may come true, and some will not. Will there be set backs? Of course. The end of the world as we know it has already happened, and unsustainable structures and systems are collapsing as a result. It helps to recognize our own part in what we experience, so that the setbacks or crises we face can serve as a perspective to help find common ground where we each can plant the seeds for our collective well being. It doesn’t have to all be seen as disaster. Let’s incorporate creative play and fun in our actions. The 8 ball factor counts here too, and its timing is perfect! Our collective thoughts and feelings create reality. So this coming year we are invited to roll with the 8 ball. To step into our collective power, and accept the gift of response-ability. To assist in this movement, I am here to facilitate more workshops and events.

8 ball


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