Explosive week: Kundalini Rising


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This week has presented with challenges as several explosions and eruptions have been shaking things up. Here in the US facts are still being gathered (and according to quite a few sources also in the process of being suppressed) about the Boston Marathon, and then today a major explosion occurred at a fertilizer plant in Waco, TX. This plant was somehow allowed to self monitor, even though in 2006, the West plant was cited for failing to obtain or to qualify for a permit.

I continue to hold a vision of infinite, deep peace shared by all here on Earth. And while surely there is much else to be learned from this, I ask each of you who read this to simply hold this vision with me. Send some Love to all here. The ones who are most deeply affected especially. This includes the ones who have had to live through bombings and explosions of any kind, anywhere on Earth. The ones who passed on because of these explosions. The ones who stayed behind. The ones who lost limbs. The ones who lost sight, hearing or whose senses have been intensified or numbed by these explosions. The ones who have lost, or are losing quality of life because of these explosions. The ones who have found renewed quality of life in spite of everything. May all find guidance and support.

Let’s send Love to all who provide guidance and support everywhere. Let’s send Love to the guided. May all – the guided and the guiding – practice deep listening.

The medicine of the year of the snake: venom as medicine certainly comes into play here. All that is not in integrity is showing up to be released and transmuted. Instead of finger pointing, may each of us look within first, to see what compromises integrity. May each of us listen within to hear when to spring into action, and when to retreat. To hear what can be done right now to ease suffering on this beautiful, abundant, life sustaining planet. To hear what each of us can do right now, to quell confusion and fear based thinking at the root of unsustainable practices. May each of us use our unique gifts and talents to do our part in serving this purpose.

Consciousness – kundalini – is on the rise. May we accept this with honor and grace, and keep our hearts and minds open. The cost is too great when we shut down and ignore the calls and wisdom of the heart. Let’s breathe together as if we – all of us – collectively are in labor. The breath is the voice of the soul. It reminds us that we are a family. One family. One in Love. Riding the waves we create together. Birthing a world of tolerance, compassion, shared abundance and joy into existence.





  1. Kathy · June 16, 2013

    Yes, Nell, I love that you suggest we look inside to see what compromises integrity. Really trying to do this even more lately. May the snake’s energy continue to rise in us. Blessings to you, and thank you for this wonderful post.

  2. elxroflife · July 15, 2013

    Hi Kathy! Thrilled to see you’ve made it to my blog, which lately has been through a bit of a sabbatical. Thanks for your visit, and sharing of your experience. Blessings to you too, and much appreciation!

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