Still believe polio was eradicated by vaccines?

Information Age

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The information age we find ourselves in apparently, comes with lots of misinformation.  Hardly anything is new about that tactic. What is new is that we receive more information faster, and it is up to us to discern what to take, and what to leave. It is helpful to use your intuitive resources to come up with key words to google and find facts, but also important to make sure these facts are backed up with actual research anyone can view. More facts are coming out. Watch & hear Dr. Humphries talk on what polio really was, and has morphed into. Everything she shares is backed up with research literature and statistics.

All along of course there have been and still are simple ways to bring people with “polio” (a/k/a guillain-barré syndrome, aseptic meningitis, and/or transverse myelitis) symptoms back to health.


 Dr. Suzanne Humphries website

More heartfelt advice from her here: 

To learn more about restoring your health:


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