On Love & Sex. Take 5 – Snake Year: Intuition & response-ability


Writing on this subject turns out to be not a daily thing. No excuses, it is what it is. The rant on *Good Sex* is there, but not ready to be expressed yet. So today we are covering something that has everything to do with engaging all the senses, an important element in sexual exploration, and really in navigating through how we relate to reality.

Just notice how much information is coming our way every single moment of the day if we let it, unless we make a conscious effort to now and then shut off or put away electronic gadgets. Otherwise we get inundated with different versions of truth that are then molded to fit different agendas. Fact is, it’s hard to tell what is true or not anymore, unless we are in touch with our intuition. We all have it, though sometimes blocked or simply not in use, as it is not yet widely shared as an acquired skill and a valid tool. Feeling into a situation is rather important. Equipped with intuitive abilities we can sense our way beautifully through a dance or an intimate love making session.


Intuition allows us to sense unhealthy situations developing, and steer clear of them, or help turn the situation around. Intuition leads to discernment simply by listening on various levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), so you can tell whether or not something resonates or not. When a situation for example feels sticky, you may want to find a quick exit, and if you helped create it, you may want to ponder from a bit of a distance how to resolve it. When someone has their guard up, you may sense spikes in their energy field. In that case you better retreat or be prepared to listen fully to what this person has to say, and to acknowledge their feelings even if you do not necessarily feel the same way. It opens lines of communication and may create a way for that person to drop their guard so you can begin to connect and engage in honest conversation.

This year particularly is a year where integrity rules. Integrity goes hand in hand with intuition. If things show up in our lives that are not in integrity with who we are in essence, feeling into it (intuit) does provide answers toward more fulfilling relationships on every level of being.

We see around us how old structures and belief systems that are not in integrity are being exposed and crumbling. As the Chinese New Year of the Snake is beginning, the feminine aspect is gaining ground here not to overpower the male, but to come into balance and harmonize with the male aspect. Snake’s gift is turning venom into medicine. And of course snakes are masters in sensuality, evident in their mating dance. Key is to love and honor who we are, and what makes us tick. To get to that it makes complete sense to simply forgive ourselves for doing things that compromised our integrity, for following or buying into trends that never quite delivered on their promise. For making promises that could not be kept. For believing in lies. If we are honest with ourselves, we have all done it. We all have a part in the creation of  dishonest practices. You may enjoy this brief post on “personal assmanship” to see how this works. Taking response-ability is our ticket to freedom in all our affairs.



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    • elxroflife · March 7, 2013

      Thank you for linking my blog to yours. I enjoyed reading your post.

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